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Olive Wood Angel for Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a universal feast celebrated all over the world. Even a month before Christmas it’s common to see decorations appear everywhere in cities. Public places, shops, malls and, last but not least, homes display beautiful colors. A variety of objects is used to make Christmas decorations. Among them, angels which can represent an angel baby or a lovely angel guardian. These Christmas ornaments are made with different materials among which we can name olive wood. This type of wood is the first choice thanks to its beauty and color. To make a Christmas decoration with olive wood angels that you and your guests will enjoy, here is what you should know.

Olive wood carving, an ancient tradition

Wood carving is a tradition from Palestine which started in the fourth century. At that time, it was taught by Greek Orthodox monks. Until now, we still find wood shops where wood carving is still made. They make different objects especially Christmas ornaments. They use olive wood for carving because it holds several characteristics which are appropriate for carving. In fact, it is easier to carve with it than with other types of wood. You don’t need to use complex tools to transform it either. Hand tools are enough. In addition, they offer a wide variety of natural colors and are resistant to decay. So, if you buy angel figurines and angel statues carved in olive wood, they can serve for decorations during several years. This is a good way to save, isn’t it?

Where can you buy olive wood angel?

Finding places where to buy wood carvings for sale is a piece of cake! You can buy olive wood angel decorations in shops where you usually go for shopping. You can also go online. On Internet, many websites offer wood carving for sale. Some websites are well-known like Amazon or Etsy. As for the other websites, they are found thanks to a quick search with research engines. In these shops and online stores, you can choose between various types of olive wood angels. Some of these are angel statues and Christmas ornaments.

How to decorate with olive wood angel?

Their form, height, and color allow to have multiple ideas for decoration. Olive wood angels can be placed everywhere. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make them blend into the rest of your decoration. Thus, they can easily be placed in the garden or at the doorstep. On top of the Christmas tree or on the tree branches are also two places to consider. Don’t forget the shelves or the wall either. It is also important to emphasize that they can express a natural and minimalist side which corresponds well to Christmas.

Some people decorate their houses in the last minute while others start decorating quite early. It is advantageous to plan Christmas decorations way in advance. You can also do your shopping a few weeks before Christmas to avoid missing promotional offers. It is important to remember to buy as many olive wood angels as needed to embellish your surroundings. Follow this advice and you’ll not regret it.

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