Bethlehem to Jericho From Tel Aviv – The Complete Guide

Bethlehem to Jericho From Tel Aviv – The Complete Guide

If you are into the region and have been looking for ways to rejuvenate your biblical soul, there are multiple tours to take you to such sites. For instance, there are tours that will take you on the religious journey to Bethlehem and Jericho. These tours usually start from Tel Aviv as the pickup point is this. When you go to Bethlehem, you will be able to see the birthplace of Christ while Jericho is named as the oldest city of the world, hence the historical aspects!

These tours aren’t extended on days as the whole trip takes usually 10 to 12 hours. Most of these tours come with the tour guide who knows English to ensure everyone is able to comprehend the information he is providing about the places you visit on the tour. If we talk about the pickup points, they are usually done from Tel Aviv but some tour operators offer from the hotel as well. In case that you need to be picked from somewhere else, you will need to talk to the tour operator.

Bethlehem and Jericho and more

On this tour, you will be taken to the cities of Jericho and Bethlehem. In Jericho, you will mesmerize the beauty of the Church of the Nativity while you think about the birthplace of Christ. Moreover, you will also be able to sightsee the Catholic Church of St. Catherine and the Church of Shepherd’s Field. Moreover, by the end of the tour, it will be evening and you can enjoy the beauty of moonscape at the Judean Desert.

Along with the Judean desert, you will find the Inn of the Good Samaritan along with the moonscape that will take you to Jericho. If you have a knack for history, you will be able to see the oldest tree, Sycamore situated in Zacheus Sycamore. It is said that Zacheus climbed on this tree to spot Jesus and you can also go to the Mound of Ancient Jericho which is home to 25 ancient cities put together.

Jericho Oldest City in the World

Jericho is named as the oldest Jewish city which was first introduced in 8,000 BC but by the 1,200 BC, the settlement was overrun by Joshua and Israel. You can also enjoy the oasis of Jericho and to cool yourself down, Elisha’s Spring is there as well. Once you are done with these points in Jericho, you will be able to hone your journey to the city of Bethlehem.

The great King David was born in Bethlehem which is also known as the city of bread. This name is given to the city because wheat crops are grown in this region. As Jesus was born here, it’s the top biblical sites of the world.  These tours usually cover the entry fees, tour guide, pick-up and drop-off, along with transport. However, there is no food and you will need to manage it on your own. However, it is not advised to take the handicapped person or kids below four years of age.

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