The Jewish Problem , The Arabs problem and More. By Dr Adnan Musallam

The Jewish Problem in European Societies, The Hatred of Jews and Its solutions:

  • Integration Haskalah Movement ( Jewish Enlightenment Movement ) it is promoted the idea that Judaism is only a divine religion and that jews are like the rest of their brothers in nationality, this movement collapsed at the end of the nineteenth century with the pogroms ( Blood Baths ), but this solution didn’t work at all, so this first movement suggested that the Jews should belong to the countries they live in and many jews wanted full integration and they thought they will get full equality as other citizens in their countries.
  • Immigration is the Solution it is leaving Eastern Europe such as western Europe to Amerca’s and South Africa, we notice big leaps in the numbers of immigrants after the bloody events of Russia in 1880-1880 , Total about 230,000 Persons from Europe Western and Eastern, when we compare those numbers to jews coming to Palestine it was much insignificant, 1900-1914 2 million jews immigrated and from 1881 till 1899 1 million jews immigrated
  • 3rd Solution was for the Jews is Zionism, we have three kinds of Zionism, we have Political Zionism and practical Zionism and we have Cultural Zionism
  • Political Zionism: Mass Movement from Eastern Europe to another place to Establish A Jewish National Home State.
  • Practical Zionism: mass movement from Eastern Europe to Palestine to Establish A Jewish National Home State
  • Cultural Zionism: unlike political and practical Zionism they don’t want to rush things they think it need time, it need to develop many of the cultural aspects of the State such as unified language and customs and many aspects together to build a state and when they have developed that many common cultural phenomenon aspects together it will be time to set up Jewish State and they were very critical to political Zionism and practical Zionism and there leader Asher Genzberg they criticize political and practical how they treated the Palestinian peasants.

1882 is the First Agricultural Jewish Zionist Settlement in Palestine that belongs to Practical Zionism, the First two Organisation are the Lovers of Zion and a second one that and the second one is Bilu who set up the First agricultural settlement rishon Etzion in 1882 – Rishon Lesion.

The Jerusalem District During the Ottoman Era in the 19th Century was in direct connection with Istanbul, it was very important District for the Ottomans, Jerusalem District, Nablus District and Ackre District both of these districts related to Beirut expect Jerusalem one direct with Istanbul, Jerusalem one was very important because the importance of the pilgrimage Route and all top powers countries at that time want to get foothold in Jerusalem District especially in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

The Inhabitants of Palestine / Southern Syria through the Ottoman Rule Considered themselves as citizens of the Ottman Empire which were multinational but without denying their Arabism they always felt they are belonging to the empire and their allegiance to it and the sultan.

The Drastic change in this situation occurred in the last nine years of the Ottoman rule, that is from 1909 till 1918 and not before that, and the situation between the Ottomans and the Arabs started from 1909 till the assassination, Damascus protocol that the Arabs nationalist and this is the first document for the first time the Arabs put forth their total independence from the Ottoman Empire without Egypt it was with Britain, it was about security relations with the British and independence of the Arab State, so it was the First organization that called independent from the Ottoman State

and Later as result of Jamal basha and his policy they called for complete independence from the Ottoman State.

Great Britain became the main center for promoting the idea of the Jewish state and for promoting the famous dictum ( a land without a people to a people without land the roots of the movement go to the reformation especially the puritan movement in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries,

Political Science 18-12-2019

The Israeli Bypass Roads in and Around Bethlehem Governorate

The Term Bypass Roads did not come into use until the Signing of Oslo Agreement Between the Israelis and Palestinians in 1993 to indicate Designated Roads for the Israeli Army and Settlers use, to bypass Palestinian Towns and communities in the context of the Israeli Army Redeployment.

Today the Length of the Bypass roads in the West Bank Exceeds 939 Km in length, of which 118 KM run in Bethlehem to Accommodate the Israeli army and settler needs, in addition , Israel plans to Construct a 30 kilometers road ( Bypass Road No.90 ) in Bethlehem Governorate. Once Constructed , it will undermine the Palestinian Urban Expansion in the Eastern Part of the Bethlehem Governorate and will segregate more than one third of the Governorate’s Area.

Prior to the Outbreak of the September 2000 Intifada Palestinians had almost complete access to these bypass roads , except at time when the Israeli Army is on Security Alerts that Palestinians are no longer allowed to Travel on the bypass roads or would have to undergo a through security Check conducted by the Israeli Army Border Patrols, Which would take hours at times.

However, Following the 2000 Intifada, Palestnians Accesses to the Virtually All bypass Roads became Forbidden, unless they are in possession of a special permit issued by the Israeli Civil Administration. Later on the Israeli Army Would refer to Bypass Roads were Palestinians are no longer allowed to travel on a “Sterile” Roads, meaning that these are Palestinian Free Roads.

The Segregation Wall – Bethlehem and the Israeli Segregation Plan

in Bethlehem Governorate , The Segregation Wall Extens across 82 Kilometers starting the eastern rural area North of AL-Khas Village and runs south to Reach Um AL-Qassies Village, it then extends toward the west, bypasses the southern part of Abu Ghneim Mountain North of Beit Sahour, Before it continues northwest of Bethlehem and Beit Jala Cities, and westward to run along bypass road #60 south of Al-Khader Village , it then runs southeast towards Wad AL Nis to encompass Efrat Settlement , After which the route of the segregation wall moves further south and southwest to isolate and segregate the western rural area of bethlehem governorate along with what is known as the gush Etzion Settlements Bloc, Which also include 8 Palestinian Communities ( Population Exceeding 24,200 Palestinians ) within the western segregation Zone that will effectively become inaccessible to other Palestinians who are not residents of these communities.

Another Palestinian Village Stands to Face total isolation but not included within the Western Rural Area, Al-Walajeh village ( Pop 2015 : 2503 ) , which will be enclosed and cut off by the Segregation Wall from all of its sides with a single but guarded and monitored Exist to Access Bethlehem.

The Segregation wall in Bethlehem Governorate will end up amputating some 176,524 Dunums ( 176.5 KM2( of lands behind the wall, and threatens crucial supply areas Containing artesian wells and main water basins that provide bethlehem Governorate with water as the path of the wall is designed to enfold the groundwater locations within Bethlehem Governorate.

Mapping Political Preferences

Each Preference a person or a political party holds is often related to another preference in a clear fashion, for example , if you have preference for increased gender Equality you are likely to also have a preference for increased minority rights, similarly, if you have a preference for a strong private sectory, you are probably sceptical towards government regulation of markets, as we have just seen, it is precisely because of the close relationship between different preferences that people like dalton argue we can group them together and summarise them in a single dimension, such as the left-right, such a dimension is both highly durable and near universal, in Contrast , Benoit and Laver were cautious of oversimplifying too much a speople understand the left-right dimension to mean very different thigns in different contexts , in order to counter this tendency of oversimplification, but at the same time to allow us to summarise preferences in a manageable fashion, most modern political scientists think in terms of two distinct dimensions that are not necessarily related to each other.

The First Dimension we can think of as an Economic Left-Right Dimension .
This Dimension is concered with how far the state or the political majority should intervene in the economic freedoms of its citizens, it is comprised of issues such as attitudes towards the welfare State, Taxation and market regulation, where the left believes the majority should intervene while the right belive that the majority should not be able to intervene.

The Second Dimension is a Social Left-Right Dimension. This concered with how far the state or the political majority should intervene in the social freedoms of its Citizens, it is comprised of issues such as minority rights, lifestyle choices and post-material issues. here the left tends to advocate the belief that the majority should not intervene in the social freedoms of its citizens while the right is more in favour of social interventions, as such, the degree of intervention advocated by a perosn who places themselves on the left of a left-right dimension will depend on whether they are considering the economic or the social dimension, therefore, these two dimensions cut across each other rather than lying on top of each other.

Liberalism First Emerged in the Nineteenth Century and was in Favour of Extending Social freedoms to Greater proportions of Society and Also extending Economic freedoms.

Conservatsim in many respects evolved as a defece against the threat of Liberalsim to the Social power of Traditional authorities such as the Chruch and the Aristocracy as such, it was in favour of Intervening in Citizens lives socially, but it had common ground on the economic dimension with Liberalsim, given the hitherto agreemetn on the economic Dimension Between Liberalsim and conservatsim, the emergence of socialism was the first time that the economic dimension became activated as a source of political contestation.

Political Science Left-Right Wing Explained!

The First Dimension we can think of as an Economic Left-Right dimension, This dimension is concerned with how far the state or the political majority should intervene in the economic freedoms of its citizens, it is comprised of issues such as attitudes towards the welfare state, Taxation and market regulation, where the left believes the majority should intervene while the right believe that the majority should not be able to intervene.

The Second dimension is a social left-right dimension, this is concerned with how far the state or the political majority should intervene in the social freedoms of its citizens, it is comprised of issues such as minority rights, lifestyle of its citizens. it is comprised of issues such as minority rights, life style choices and post material issues, here the left tends to advocate the belief that the majority should not intervene in the social freedoms of its citizens while the right is more in favour of social intervention, as such the degree of intervention advocated by a person who places on the left of a left right dimension will depend on whatever they are considering the economic or the social dimension, therefore these two dimensions cut across each other rather than lying on top of each other.

to appreciate the usefulness of locating political preferences in two dimensions it it is apposite to look at how such an approach locates the classical political ideologies, for our purposes we can think of an ideology as a coherent worldview about how the world or a society should be organised, which in turn shapes a person’s specific preferences on individual issues.

Political Science 24-10-2019

  • Ramallah Court Declared that there is Ban on Social Media Sites Against the Government
  • Israel Plans to Separate 28 Neighbor Hoods In East Jerusalem – and it state the Separation wall is not just Security it is also about Demographics
  • Lebanon Protests finished the 3 Days Promise of the Government
  • What is the Historical Background of the June 1967 Map ?
    It as Result of the Nakbeh Map which lasted till 4th of June 1967
  • What are the Three Operations Against Gaza after 2nd Intifada?
    * Operation Cast Lead
    * Pillar of Cloud
    * Operation Projective Edge

Political Science 17-10-2019 With Dr. Adnan Musallam

What is Democracy ?
Democracy as seen by Aristotle and as seen by Abraham Lincoln

  • renaissance and Enlightenment
  • 4th of June 1967 – 77.4% of the total Land, West Bank under jordan and Gaza Under Egypt control
  • 5th of June 1967 – Israel Controled West Bank & Golan Heights & Sinai in Egypt including Gaza
  • 1973 Win-Win War on Yom Kippur
  • 242 Security Counsel Resolution – Land for Peace Formula
  • 338 Security Counsel by UNN it affirms 242
  • 2000 and 2004 A.D al Aqasa intifada
  • Pan Arab Peace Initiative it happend in Beiruit – The Three Points : A. Palestinian State with jerusalem As Capital B. Just Solution For the Refuegees C. Withdrawal from the Arab Territories

At the time of Aristotle it was the Democracy of the Elite
Industrial Revolution

Political Science

Compare and Contrast Between PLO and PNA ?
PNA Was Established in 1993 , from the PLO it came out the PNA .

  • PLO – Palestine Liberation Organization
  • PNA – Palestine National Authority
  • Hamas wanted to join the PLO but under certain conditions it was never part of the PLO.


  • PLO problem it is static not dynamic , like eraqat negotation for long while the same , there is no Dynamic.
  • PLO was Established in 1964 During the Jordanian Rule, it was in Arab Jerusalem , and recognized as the Sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people
  • PLO Mandate : Ultimate Decision – Making Body and Legislative Authority that formulates Policies
  • A Sole Legitimate Representative of the Palestinian People superior to the PA and its term of reference.
  • PLO was basically in responsibility in the Palestinian Arab people struggle, to retrieve the homeland, liberate and return to and exercise the right to self determination in it , all fields like military, political, and Financial Fields.
  • Who is the Head’s Of PLO?
    * President of the State of Palestine
    * Chairman
  • With Time the PLO president became also the PNA president.
  • if Palestinian State will be established the PNA will be finished , so the PNA is temporary
  • Supposedly in 1999 It was to be Palestinian State, The Enemies of Oslo were victories , Prime Minister Netanyaha was Victorious and sharon also was Victorious
  • PLO president of the State of Palestine Proclaimed on 15th NOV 1988 – Palestine Liberation Organisation
  • Chairman of PLO was Arafat since 1969 and Abu Mazen since 2004
  • Cabnet = مجلس وزراء
  • PNC = Palestine National Council مجلس الوطني
  • What is PLO Executive committee ? It have 18 Members and acts as cabinet , assumes all PLO responsibilities in accordance with PNC policies and resolutions, Establish oversees PLO departments, Negotations Affair Department and issue regluations and suprevise PLO and take decisions and implement policies
  • Legislative : PLO Central Council – 130 Members incl 15 from the PLC , it meets regulary and it meets in the West Bank , مجلس المركزي
    It take decision when PNC not in session acting and any decisions it take it represent the PNC
  • Legislative Have President and Two Vice Pres and Secretary General


  • When Trump came to power he made few things such as Making Jerusalem the Capital of Israel – basically with it he killed final Statues negotiations Between PNA and Israel , and they are like Jerusalem, Borders, Water, Return of Refugees and Security, but after trump decision when he made Jerusalem Capital of Israel he toward very negative stand toward the UNRWA , he cut lots of support to Palestinian People
  • PLC = Palestine Legislative Counsil
  • Prime Minister = Mohammad Shtayyeh
  • Mohammad Shtayyeh he was appointed by Abu Mazen as prime minister

What is the Difference Between PLC and PNC?
* PNC it represent all palestinians, PNC represent only palestinians in Palestine
* PLC for PLO and PNC for PNA


  • Area A,B,C comes from Oslo Agreement , at 1999 when palestinian state was suppose to come out, 70% of the Oslo Records was not agreed on
  • Many people these days are asking for elections for president and elections to change things and current situation of Palestinian People even though It looks like PLO and PNA are a bit useless with too many administration jobs that tax payers pay for doing really much nothing
  • So Hamas is the Armed Wing of the Palestinian Muslim Brothers, and Jihad is different
  • Fateh Was Established in 1/1 , First operation of Fateh was About Water Storage Area
  • Diaspora that PLO represent means شتات
  • PLC & PNA term is limited to the interim period = انتقالي
  • in 2006 there was elections and hammas won the PLC
  • E1 Plan to cut West Bank in two