Catholic Shepherds’ Field Beit Sahour – Bethlehem

As we know the First mention of Bethlehem according to Biblical Records is in the Bible in Genesis, when Rachel was giving birth to Benjamin, after she passed away Jacob went to settle there beyound the Tower, Migdal Eder Tower Genesis 35:21

Tower of the Flock – Migdal Eder Watch Tower

Now if we Read in Mich 4:8 it tells us that, And you, O tower of the flock, the hill of daughter Zion, to you it shall come, the former dominion shall come, the sovereignty of daughter Jerusalem.

As we can see that Migdal Eder Tower of the Flock was actually on a Hill that was Called Bat-Zion Daughter of Zion from the source of this Biblical Reference we can also tell that the Tower of the Flock is actually on a Hill and it was called BAT-ZION – Daughter of Zion and at that location where the tower overlooks the fields from the Hill and the sheep that have been used as Sacrificial Animals in Rituals of the Temple of Jerusalem.

Boaz and Ruth one of the Bible Love Stories

About 1250-1050 BC the fields of Beit Sahour – Bethlehem was love scene for these two Biblical Figures, the Old Rich Israelite and the Gentile Moabaite Widow, it all Started when Elimelech ( Means My God is King ), and Naomi which means a Blessing and she had two sons Mahlon and Chilion, Mahlon at the times of Feminine they went to the lands of Moab at the times of Judges, of course, the Bible doesn’t forget to mention that they were Ephrathites of Bethlehem of Judah.

And Actually it is very interesting to know that the Theological Story of Boaz and Ruth is Controversial with Eza and Nehemiah about intermarriage but for us as Christians and as messianic hope that it means the Message of God is for Everyone it is not for specific people we are all his children.

Elimelech was the Husband of Naomi , Mahlon Husband of Ruth and Chilion Husband of Orpha.

Also the Bible mention for us that it happend during the Barley Harvest so most likely it is the Middle of April, Barely of the First crop was ready for the Harvest by the time of the Passover, in the Middle of April.

Elimelech had a inheritance of land among his family but unless a family redeemer a Goel could be found , naomi would be compelled to sell it, but Elimelech a Relative and according to Levirate Law to Marry Mahlon’s Widow Ruth in order to carry on his family’s inheritance.

Boaz was attracted to Ruth, but informed her that there was a relative closed than him, he wwho had the first right to be the redeemer of the Estate of Elimelech and that it would be required for this kinsman to reject hsi right before Boaz could proceed in the matter.

Boaz Called this relative to the Gate of the City before the elders and told him that of ruth’s situation and his right to Redeem the estate to Marry Ruth, the Relative delcared that he did not desire to do so , and removed his sandal in Symbol that he had renounced high rights in favor of Boaz.

Boaz bought the Estate from Naomi and Married ruth , ruth became the parents of Obed, who became the father of Jesse , the Father of King David.

The Shepherds (the first evangelists)

Biblical texts preserve much evidence for a longstanding tradition of shepherding among the earliest peoples of the Bible.

Notable biblical figures (such as Abel, Abraham, Lot, Laban, and Moses) tended sheep, often by way of contrast with others, such as Cain (murder of Abel), the “tiller of the ground” (a farmer) (Gen 4:2)

Franciscan Catholic Shepherds Field Opening Hours 8:00 am – 16:45pm / Sunday 8:00-11:30/14:00-16:45pm

Catholic Shepherds Field is Located to the East of Bethlehem , South East of Bethlehem to be Exact, These Fields Mark the location Where the Angels first announced the Birth of Jesus Christ to the Shepherds also traditionally not only the Site of Annunciation to the Shepherds but also introduced in Ruth 2:2 where Ruth Gleaned in the Fields of Boaz for her self and Naomi.

Another Name the Locals Call this Area of the Fields are Siar El Ganem – which could be translated into two meanings the walking area of the Sheep or the Sheepfold, it can be easily reached by taking the first track on the left after Beit Sahour.

The Site was Partly Excavated in 1859 by Carlo Guarmani he was an offical from the French Embassy then later on Between 1889 and 1906 the Franciscans succeeded in buying the land and carrying out archaeological Research and Excavations.

However the only planned systematic excavations carried out only in 1951-1952 by Father Virgilio Canio Corbo and there they found a huge monastic agriculatural establishment with presses, cisterns, silos and Grottos.

The Ruins Beside the new Chapel are from Byzantine Period and as we know the First monastery was founded at the site by the End of the 4th Century AD on a site Occupied during the First century AD by nomadic shepherds so we can say this place was inhabited in the time of Jesus Christ for Sure.

The First Century Remains are represented by Oil Press, Grottoes , Pottery, Burial Niches.

The Byzantine Monasteries are represented by Church, Courtyards, Cisterns, Bakery, Rooms with Mosaics and Silos.

The Monastery was enlarged during the 6th Century the Apse of the Church being reconstructed with stones from the original polygonal apse of the Church of the Nativity.

This roman Catholic Site is mentioned as Khirbet Siyar el-Ghanem as Archeological Reference of the Site.

This Site was occupised during the First Century by most likely a nomadic Shepherds.

A New Church has been built 1953-54 by famous Italian architect Antonio Barluzzi or as we call him the Architect of the Holy Land.

According to Jerome Murphy-O’Connor the Writer of the Book The Holy Land: An Oxford Archaeological Guide from Earliest Times to 1700, he says that since the excavations did not bright to light a venerated cave, it is impossible to reconcile this site with the description given by Egeria, and also Jerome said that the site is as simple of many monasteries in the Judean desert during the Centuries when Byzantine monasticism was at its zenith.

  • The Site Does Not Contain a Venerated Cave – Actually it Does the Cave just Next to the New Church is a Venerated Cave since the 4th Century
  • Jerome Murphy, see it as simply of many monasteries built during the Byzantine period – With all Due respect to Jerome Murphy He is not Biblical Evidence or Archeological Evidence it was just assumption
  • Its lack of special significance is shown by the fact that the site was not re-occupied after the Persian attack 614 – According to the Archeological informatin we have that this monastery actually flourished Between the 4th till the 8th Century.

Why I and many others Belive this Could be most likely the Location of the Shepherds Field?

  • This Location have Cave that have been Partly Ecnlosed to Make the New Chapel of Antonio Barluzzi
  • This Location Have been destroyed by the Time the First Crusade Came here but pilgrims continued to visit and commemorate this Site.
  • in the 4th Century a Church has been built by the Cave
  • This Location was HUGE a complex of Caves containing Tunnels, Rooms, Storage Rooms, and Most important Mikvah that trace back to the First Century at the Time of Jesus Christ.

If we compare this Location to other Places in the Area this is most likely the place of the Shepherds, would you follow Writings from 20th Century as evidence or Stone Evidence and archeological Evidence this location was indeed inhabited in the First Century by Shepherds that had Mikvah (Jewish Shepherds) most likely the probably for this site is more than others according to my understanding and research.

The New Church by Antonio Barluzzi The Holy Land Architect

in 1953 a New churh was built in the Site by the Famous Architecture Antonio Barluzzi and Dedicated to the Angels.

The church is Known as the New Shrine of (Excelsis Deo) which has a dodecagonal Shape – 12 Angels and 12 Sides with Five Apses having inclined plane that recall the structure of a field tent, even though most likely the Shepherds would have stayed in Cave’s not in Tents in Ancient times in this Area specially the First Century, but it was just Symbolic design.

The Religious Concept of the Shepherds Field

Some Shepherds amongst the most despised of the Jewish people went to Adore Jesus, Dazzled by a great light, an angel savior had been born, and they heard a host of Angels praising God who by send the Messiah to the earth, had shown his greatness to the celestial court and given salvation to men.

  • The Sanctuary Designed by Holy land Architect that stands on a rock overlooking the Ruins.
  • it Has a dodecagonal shape with five apses having an inclined plane, recalling the structure of a filed tent like the one that could have been used by the shepherds.
  • The Light Penetrated the Concrete and Glass dome illuminating the interior calls to mind the divine light that appeared to the Shepherds.
  • The Inside of the Church is divided into a nave and two aisles and five apses. in the middle part of the Dome stand 12 Angels around is the verse from Luke 2:14 that says:
    “Glory to God in Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests. “
  • Inside the Church on Three Parts are three sceneries regarding the announcement of the angels, adoration of the shepherds and return of the shepherds.
    • The Fresco of the Scene of the Announcement of the Angels to the Shepherds
    • The Fresco of the ADoration of the shepherds
    • The Fresco of the Scene of the Return of the Shepherds

Trips to Galilee from Jerusalem

Galilee is a northern city in Israel that boasts of a lot of historical and spiritual heritage, and this is why it is considered one of the most top tourist destinations in Israel. If you are very used to the Christian faith, you probably would have heard a lot of stories about the old city of Galilee, one of the places that are usually associated with Jesus Christ. Isn’t he even called ‘the man of Galilee’?

You can find historical sites such as the Sea of Galilee, the Mount of Beatitudes, the Church of St. Peters, Basilica of Annunciation, the Synagogue, the Capernaum and many other important Biblical locations in the present city of Galilee and this is why people come in thousands annually to witness these Biblical sites.

If you are visiting Israel, one of the first places you’d likely find yourself would be, Jerusalem, especially, if you are traveling on faith grounds. This means you would need to navigate your way to the city of Galilee from Jerusalem. While this sounds great, it is not a straightforward thing, so, it is important to get some traveling advice and guide on how to navigate your way from Jerusalem to Galilee in the most seamless manner.

What to Know While Travelling to Galilee from Jerusalem

Duration of the Journey

The first thing to know is that it would take you an average of 2 to 3 hours to travel between Jerusalem and Galilee by road. The duration you would be spending depends on your transportation arrangement (i.e. choice of transportation you are going with), but it shouldn’t take more than 3 hours under normal circumstances.

Travelling Arrangement

Usually, if you are taking public the public transportation transport option, there would be buses heading to Jerusalem in the morning, afternoon and night. For a tourist, we would recommend you go for the morning ride, and we even recommend you join a bus leaving as early as 7:30 am as it would afford you the chance to get there early and take some rest before going out to enjoy the city, and it might also be what would save you from spending long hours in traffic.

If You Can, Rent a Personal Car

While moving from Jerusalem to Galilee, you are going to be passing through a number of historical cities and sites that may be of interest. If you join the public transport, you may lose out on a lot of fun details. However, with a personal car, you would be able to make some stops at various places that you find interesting and probably take some selfies and look around for some moments before leaving.

Employ a Local Travel Guide if You Can

If you can afford it, it would be great to employ the services of a local travel guide. With the travel guide, you would be able to enjoy Galilee more, and you’d even stand a chance of getting to visit more fun places than you have planned for.

A trip to Galilee would always be a fun experience, and we can assure you that you stand a better chance of getting more fun by using this little guide of ours.

Tour Guide on Traveling to Hebron from Jerusalem

Tour Guide on Traveling to Hebron from Jerusalem

Hebron is one of the most significant cities in the Abrahamic religions, which include, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This city is where the remains of Abraham (Ibrahim), Isaac and Jacob are buried, and this is why it is a top destination for a lot of pilgrims annually.

This city is located in today Palestine, and it is dominated by both Palestine and Jews. Since Jerusalem is a top destination for a lot of pilgrims, it is not a surprise that a large number of people tend to travel from Jerusalem to Hebron from time to time. If you are a pilgrim or tourist in Jerusalem that would love to visit the city of Hebron for any reason, we have come up with a useful travel guide for you that should help in making things a lot easier for you.

How Far is Hebron from Jerusalem?

The city of Hebron is not that far from Jerusalem. As a matter of fact, there are only 29 kilometers between the two cities, and you can easily travel between the two cities by road. The estimated travel time between Jerusalem and Hebron by road is 35 minutes by road.

Traveling Arrangement?

If you want to visit Hebron from Jerusalem, there are two ways you can go about it, i.e. you can join a public transport system, or you can hire a private car to take you there. If you are going by public transportation, you would have to visit the bus station and book your ticket. After booking your ticket, you would join a bus along with other commuters who are headed towards that direction. If you can afford it, you can book a private car to convey you to Hebron from Jerusalem. It might be more expensive, but a private car would offer you some advantages which would enable you to enjoy the tour more.

Best Places to Visit in Hebron

Hebron is home to a lot of iconic sites, and this is the main reason why thousands of pilgrims come to this city annually. Once you are in this ancient city, these are some of the best places you must visit.

  1. Tomb of the Patriarchs: The Tomb of the Patriarchs is arguably one of the most significant and iconic sites in the Abrahamic religion, and it happens to be in Hebron. This site is where the tombs of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are located. It is regarded as a national treasure in Hebron, and it attracts thousands of pilgrims annually.
  2. Abu Salah: The Abu Salah is perhaps the most popular restaurant in Hebron, and it is a choice destination for a lot of pilgrims. At this restaurant, you would have access to a lot of juicy and delicious Palestine meals. This shawarma served here is also legendary for its amazing taste.
  3. Tel Rumeida: The Tel Rumeida is one of the most ancient parts of Hebron. It is widely regarded as the original part of Hebron that was mentioned in the Holy Bible. It boasts of fertile lands and green vegetation which makes it a great choice for Agriculture. It is peaceful and hospitable which makes it a great choice for pilgrims.

As pilgrims and tourists, you must remember that Hebron has both Jewish and Palestinian influence which could make it volatile sometimes. This is why you need to focus on why you are in the city and stay out of any religious or cultural topics. Have a great time touring the city.

Qumran Tour from Jerusalem

Qumran Tour from Jerusalem

Qumran is an amazing site and one of the best places to visit at any time of the year. There are a lot of experiences to make out from a Qumran tour from Jerusalem ranging from people to places. The wintertime is always very cold, and as such, you have to come with your cardigans. If you are visiting Qumran in the summer, the morning times are the best because the heat gets much at noon. There are several interesting places that can be visited during your Qumran tour from Jerusalem.

What to Bring When Coming To Qumran

Qumran is a Dead Sea region so tourists should be careful when making arrangements to visit. There are certain essentials you must come with and some of them include:

Appropriate Dressing: The weather of Qumran moves from not being so hot in the early hours of a summer day to being extremely hot in the afternoon. In order to make the most of your tour experience, please come along with the right dresses. Appropriate dress here could include a hat and sunscreen to shield you from the sun and comfortable shoes to make movement easy.

Plenty of Water: Qumran tour from Jerusalem will require a lot of water considering that you are moving from a place with less heat to one with excessive heat. You would need to have a lot of water to help you stay hydrated all through your stay in Qumran, especially in the afternoon.

Extra Cash: To access some places in Qumran, you might need to pay some fees like for example, Qumran Park. The admission fee into the park is about $6. With the extra cash, there would be little or no limitation to the places you can go, and the experience you can gather when on a Qumran tour from Jerusalem.

Places To Be Visited On a Qumran Tour from Jerusalem

There are several places that can be visited in Qumran, some of which will cost some fee if it is not an organized tour. If the tour is an organized one, these places and their fee has been included in your total tour price. Some of the places that can be visited in Qumran include:

  • ●      The Qumran National Park: The Park at Qumran, has for a long time been a center of attraction to many tourists. This park is known for its famous caves because history has it that it is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered by a teenage shepherd.
  • The Masada: The Masada is known as the site of a famous battle with a panoramic view. This place tells tourists a lot about the Qumran site and Israel as a whole. Your touring experience is not complete if you have not visited this place.

While the Qumran tour from Jerusalem is possible on your own, it is always best to put together an organized bus tours. With this, you don’t have to get all carried away by the planning and trying to move around that you miss out on the nice views and experiences. If you really want to go on your own, then it is best that you get a car.

Palestine Tour from Jerusalem

Palestine Tour from Jerusalem

Israeli-Palestinian relationships are very complicated, to say the least. Both countries have been embroiled in a struggle for territory since the mid-20th century and a compromise has been difficult to reach. At the moment, if you wish to enter or exit any of the territories, you will have to pass through heavily controlled Israeli military checkpoints.

Both countries remain popular sites for pilgrimages and cultural tourism because they hold significance for three of the world’s major religions – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Planning a tour of Palestine? This article can help you gain some valuable insights. 

Is it safe?

When you hear about Palestine in the news, it is usually a story about conflict. It is easy to think that it is a very violent and unsafe place but that is simply not true. According to International SOS, Palestine has a medium safety profile (check it out here The people are very warm and friendly and street crime is very low compared to most major cities around the world.

Getting In- Modes of Transportation

Although there is a short distance between Jerusalem and Palestinian (approximately 18.76 km), getting across is not so simple. Nevertheless, there are various options available to fit different budgets and travel styles.

  • Guided Tours

There are many guaranteed tours departing every day. This is easily the most convenient and popular way to travel to Palestine. Asides being convenient, they are also cost-effective and have the added advantage of being guided which allows you to relax and benefit from the value of a local guide already familiar with all the major sites.

  • Tourist Shuttles 

Perfect if you want to make a quick visit or spend the night. Tourist shuttles are available every afternoon from 15:30 in Jerusalem and they leave Palestine around 17:30.

  • Private Vehicles

Despite the short distance between Jerusalem and Palestine, it is not possible to take a taxi. This is because Israelis are not permitted to enter. You can go around this by arranging a private car to pick you up from your address in Jerusalem and escort you into Palestine.

  • Public Bus Service

There are two possible ways to get from Jerusalem to Palestine via bus. The first is the public bus service from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and the other is the public line from East Jerusalem Bus Station which is run by the Palestinian Bus Company. Although there is no available schedule, service is frequent and the cost is cheap.

Where Should I Visit In Palestine

Palestine is often in the news for the wrong reasons but it is a truly welcoming place. Below are some places you can visit should you ever find yourself there.

  • Ramallah

Ramallah is a short distance from the bus station in East Jerusalem. It is considered to be one of the safest and most liberal Arabic cities in the world. The locals are friendly and well educated in the English language. There are a number of cultural and political tours and plenty of authentic Palestinian restaurants where you can try some local dishes. 

  • Bethlehem

Popularly regarded as the birthplace of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem is home to a number of religious sites including the Church of the Nativity as well as Manger Square which is said to be the place where Jesus was born.

  • The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and it is the second saltiest body of water in the world. It is popular with tourists who come to take photos and relax along the edge. The surrounding mud is said to have healing and therapeutic powers and you can test this out by covering yourself in the mud.

  • Masada

Located on a mountain top in the Judean desert with breath-taking views over the region.  Masada is an ancient fortress known for being the place where the Jewish uprising against the Roman Empire began.

Nablus Tour

All you need to know about the city of Nablus

Nablus is one of the largest cities in Palestine. It is very close to Jerusalem and it is located at approximately 60 KM north of Jerusalem, it is in the middle of Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal. It is popularly called the ‘Uncrowned Queen of Palestine”. Nablus is a Muslim city and it has few Samaritans, few Christians, and Jews. It consists of two churches, a synagogue for Samaritans and twelve mosques. 

Nablus is the industrial and commercial hub of Palestine. It is famous for its usually busy markets, traditionally made soap from olive oil, and its unique sweets. The indigenes of Nablus are friendly and accommodating, they love seeing tourists visiting and exploring their lovely city.

Common tourist sites in Nablus include; Mount Gerizim, Jacob’s well, The Samaritan village, Olive oil factory, the refugee camps, Nablus park, and the Spices shop.

Its main attractions include the Old City of Nablus and Jacob’s well. The Old City of Nablus is where the rich history lies. It comprises amazing architectural buildings, stone façade, old urban spaces, narrow streets, etc.

Touring Nablus from Jerusalem

Nablus is a beautiful city with so many attractions and touring around the city is a very good idea. Nablus is close to Jerusalem and you might likely pass through Jerusalem when touring the city.

There is the Central West Bank’s large swath, settlements of the Jews, Ancient olive trees, and so many villages in Palestine. 

Coming to Nablus from Jerusalem, lies Samaria, the central region of Old Palestine, there lies Mount Gerizim, there, you will find a small Samaritan village with indigenes who can be traced by to Moses in the bible.

The Samaritans who originated from the Hebrew tribe, regard this mountain as a Holy temple making it a sacred place to the Samaritans. The Samaritans are hospitable people. 

You will come across the popular Jacob’s well, a place Jesus had asked the Samaritan woman for a drink of water (A popular Bible Story) in the beautiful church. The well has been used as a baptismal place for Christians over time.

Then, there is a camp in the street where ladies host summer camps, children activities, make wonderful embroidery and conduct empowerment seminars and programs for women, it is a camp called the “Women’s Centre of Balata Refugee”. It also has a refugee camp that hosts many families who were exiled from Israel dating back to 1948 and 1967.

The refugees live there permanently because the camp is home to them. Moving forward, there is also an ancient museum that houses old artifacts from the Old City of Nablus.

Food is an important part of every culture; Nablus has so many mouth-watering dishes. Kanafeh is a popular dish in Nablus; it is a local dessert dish that is made with pastries from cheese doused in very sweet syrup. And you must try it out when in Nablus. 

At the outskirt of Nablus lies Joseph’s Tomb in the ancient holy site. And the popular House of Palestine. Nablus is a very attractive city to go on a tour, its ancient city and rich heritage make the visit more exciting. 

Bethlehem to Jericho From Tel Aviv – The Complete Guide

If you are into the region and have been looking for ways to rejuvenate your biblical soul, there are multiple tours to take you to such sites. For instance, there are tours that will take you on the religious journey to Bethlehem and Jericho. These tours usually start from Tel Aviv as the pickup point is this. When you go to Bethlehem, you will be able to see the birthplace of Christ while Jericho is named as the oldest city of the world, hence the historical aspects!

These tours aren’t extended on days as the whole trip takes usually 10 to 12 hours. Most of these tours come with the tour guide who knows English to ensure everyone is able to comprehend the information he is providing about the places you visit on the tour. If we talk about the pickup points, they are usually done from Tel Aviv but some tour operators offer from the hotel as well. In case that you need to be picked from somewhere else, you will need to talk to the tour operator.

Bethlehem and Jericho and more

On this tour, you will be taken to the cities of Jericho and Bethlehem. In Jericho, you will mesmerize the beauty of the Church of the Nativity while you think about the birthplace of Christ. Moreover, you will also be able to sightsee the Catholic Church of St. Catherine and the Church of Shepherd’s Field. Moreover, by the end of the tour, it will be evening and you can enjoy the beauty of moonscape at the Judean Desert.

Along with the Judean desert, you will find the Inn of the Good Samaritan along with the moonscape that will take you to Jericho. If you have a knack for history, you will be able to see the oldest tree, Sycamore situated in Zacheus Sycamore. It is said that Zacheus climbed on this tree to spot Jesus and you can also go to the Mound of Ancient Jericho which is home to 25 ancient cities put together.

Jericho Oldest City in the World

Jericho is named as the oldest Jewish city which was first introduced in 8,000 BC but by the 1,200 BC, the settlement was overrun by Joshua and Israel. You can also enjoy the oasis of Jericho and to cool yourself down, Elisha’s Spring is there as well. Once you are done with these points in Jericho, you will be able to hone your journey to the city of Bethlehem.

The great King David was born in Bethlehem which is also known as the city of bread. This name is given to the city because wheat crops are grown in this region. As Jesus was born here, it’s the top biblical sites of the world.  These tours usually cover the entry fees, tour guide, pick-up and drop-off, along with transport. However, there is no food and you will need to manage it on your own. However, it is not advised to take the handicapped person or kids below four years of age.

Jericho Tours

Jericho, the Palestinian city set on the West Banks is the Biblical city which is considered as the oldest in the world. Do you know that Jericho was declared as one of the most popular destination among Palestinian tourists?

It is in fact and what more is that the Ancient Jericho is considered as UNESCO World Heritage Centre. This is why; for your next getaway it is time to include this Biblical land and small corner of the world  in your bucket-list.

In this Jericho Tour Guide you’ll find:

  • Jericho Tours – Quick Travel Tips
  • Jericho Tours – Best Time to Book the Tour
  • Top Attractions to Visit In Jericho

   Ain es-Sultan, the Spring of Elisha

   The Sycamore tree of Zacchaeus

   Mt. Temptation

   Mound of Ancient Jericho

  • Trekking Tours in Jericho
  • Jericho Tours 2019 Costs & Accommodations
  • Booking Recommendations
  • Where to Stay In Jericho

   Top-Rated Hotels & Vacation Rentals

   Budget-friendly Stays

Jericho Tours – Quick Travel Tips

Generally trip to Jericho is often included in a 2-3 backpacking itinerary of travelling to Palestine. Set almost 400 meters below the sea level, Jericho is not considered as the oldest city of the world but also the lowest city on this entire planet.

Being a city of religious significance it is best to wear modest dress and not dressing modestly will restrict the visitor from entering the monasteries. Despite the conflicting political news broadcasted in the media channels, un recent years this part of the Middle East is completely safe for the tourists and this must be why Jericho is one of the hottest travel destination currently.

Jericho Tours – Best Time to Book the Tour

One important thing to know about the best time for taking the Jericho Tour is that this part of Palestine is almost a dessert part and this is why the city gets extremely hot during the summer season.  This is why best time to travel in Jericho is always considered best during the spring or Autumn Season when the temperature is most mild.  The private tours to Jericho can be arranged on any day of the year.

Top Attractions to Visit In Jericho

The magnificent walled city of Jericho has been inhabited longer than any other parts of the world and this oldest city encapsulates the most historical archaeological attractions which dates back over 12,000 years. The top archaeological attractions you must include in your Jericho tour is as follow-

  • Ain es-Sultan, the Spring of Elisha

Ain es Sultan or the Elisha’s Spring is the holy spring from where the prophet purified the water of Jericho.  As such the Spring is also referred as the Prophet’s Fountain and is a perennial spring which continuously produces clean water.

The Elisha’s Spring is located east of Tel Jericho and is set on the northwestern part of the current Jericho city. Upon visiting the Fountain visitors will come across the pumping station and avail the healing water of the fountain.

  • The Sycamore tree of Zacchaeus

The top tourist attraction when in Jericho is undoubtedly the Zacchaeus Sycamore Tree which is situated about 10 km north of the Dead Sea and stands at a major interaction in the city of Jericho.

  • Mt. Temptation

The Mt. Temptation is topped by a Greek orthodox monastery is set 3 kilometers northwest of Jericho and is close to Dead Seas. The Mount of Temptation comes with Biblical significance in which the devil tried to tempt Jesus to forsake God.

One can take a cable tar from Tel Jericho to the Mt. Temptation or even hike up the mount and hiking will take only about  an half hour.

  • Mound of Ancient Jericho

The Mound of Ancient Jericho, also known as Tel es-Sultan or Tel Jericho is located 2 kilometers north of the modern day Jericho, close to the Ein es-Sultan Spring and is an archaeological site which is built atop a 70 foot mound and highlights the earliest civilizations and stone monuments of humanity.

Set on the north eastern section of Jericho, the mound of ancient Jericho falls within the Palestinian Authority West Bank is currently considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many extensive excavation prokects has been carried on this place and evidences of Neolithic age and the early periods of Bronze age has been documented over the past thousands of years.

The archeological site of Tel Jericho sets on a 21 meter high mound and upon visiting the site one will come up across stone towers, the remains of mud brick walls and Canaanite city walls which date back to 2300 BC and ancient gateways which were built during 1900BC – 1550 BC.

Trekking Tours in Jericho

Apart from other private Jericho tours, the trekking tours in this part of the country is an excellent way to get the striking views of hills, valleys and get a firsthand experience of the Bedouin culture.

The best way to experience the oldest city in the world, Jericho is by booking up a private tour. The private tour comes with the most experienced guides and is also customizable according to the needs.

Jericho Tours 2019 Costs & Accommodations

A half-day or 4 hours walking tour in the spiritual city of Jericho cost only $34 (approximately) per person while the private tours are priced a bit higher and include stops at Jerusalem, Bethlehem or the Dead Sea.

At present the private Jericho tours can be arranged at any time of the year and an one-day private tour to Jericho is priced at approximately $125 per person which includes transport, hotel pick-ups and drop-off-services.

While another popular tourist’s package is the Jericho, Dead Sea and the Jordan River Tour which costs $ 115 per person and operates particularly from October to May.

Booking Recommendations

Currently, The Judah Tours is offering some of the Best Holy Land Tour Packages which also includes comprehensive trip plans to Jericho. To know more please visit:

Where to Stay In Jericho

The famed Biblical city not only boasts of ancient old ruins and century-old destination attractions but also comes up with best hotels, charming villas, restaurants and best vacation rentals.

  • Top-Rated Hotels & Vacation Rentals

 If you are set out to enjoy heights of luxury when in Jericho then you must know that situated right in the city, The Oasis Hotel Jericho is one of the best hotel which comes with the most top-ratings. While if you are on the lookout for vacation rentals then you must know Jericho hosts more than 400 vacation rentals within 15 miles of the city.

For a perfect stay during your trip to Jericho you can consider booking the Jericho Resort Village which is set amidst the archaeological landmarks and historical attractions of the city or Al Magtas which is located next to Zacchaeus Sycamore Trees.

  • Budget-friendly Stays

For a more low-key hostel, free breakfast options and budget-friendly stay the Auberg-Inn – The House of Eggplants and Almog Kibbutz Hotel falls on the top of the list.

Dead Sea Travel

Dead Sea Travel

The Dead Sea is known as not only the lowest place on earth but also the most mineral-laden and the saltiest water body making it a top destination attraction for all round the year.  In here, we have provided you the most up-to-date travelling guide to Dead Sea so that you can make the best of your vacation experience.

When, Where & How

When to Go

The weather and climate of the Dead Sea is very much different from the surrounding areas. The water temperature is warm at 22 to 35 degrees Celsius and in-water experience is welcoming and pleasant all round the seasons and all around the year. However there is the right kind of season for each type of travelling needs and the best times when the hotel prices drops and the busiest months which are best to be avoided.

  • Best times

Mid-October- November The best to visit the Dead Sea is during the Fall Season which starts from mid October and lasts till the end of November and during these months the hotel prices drops significantly and so does the temperature.

December- February Starting from December to February is the winter season in this part of the region of Dead Sea and during the winter season the average temperature at the Dead Sea ranges from 23 degree Celsius to 13 degrees.

Mid-June- August During the summer season which ranges from June to August the hotel prices in the Dead Sea region drops down due to the extreme hot weather and this is the perfect time for the travelers who are looking forward to get wellness trips and get pampered with the best of the deals.

  • Times Best Avoided

September-mid October Staring from September to mid-October the hotel prices near around the Dead Sea soars high and it is mainly due to the religious holidays and festivals. However, for those counting on music festivals this might just be the perfect month to make the trip.

March-May Although the hotel prices soars up higher during the month of the September the most busiest period in the Dead Sea is during the spring season and it falls in the month of March-May

Where to Stay

There are almost hundreds of luxury hotels, smaller accommodations and spa resorts all lined up along the shores the Dead Sea. 

  • Best 5 Star Hotels In Dead Sea

 If you are yearning for five-stars rated spa resort style hotel then the Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel situated right next to the shores of the Sea should fall on the top of your list. While the four-star hotel. Leonardo Club Dead Sea Hotel falls nothing in short and also comes with most amazing facilities and located right on the Dead Sea.

  • Best Value Hotels

The popular best value hotels  in the Dead Sea region and near about are  Daniel Dead Sea Hotel and the Crowne Plaza Dead Seas which are located in Ein Bokek and comes with best deals and amazing features loved by the tourists. 

  • Guest Houses

Other great accommodation option when travelling to Dead Sea is to stay at the affordable yet incredible guest houses which are located right on the Dead Sea region and Ovnat and Metzoke Fragot is two such renowned guest houses.

How to Go

The lowest point in the world, Dead Sea is located at the center of the Jordan Rift Valley in Israel. Trips are easily organized through the specialist tour operators and daily group tours which come with great range of selections and travelling itineraries.

Getting around Dead Sea is most easy and it is just an hour drive from Jerusalem. Do you know one of the cheapest way to reach Dead Sea?  Well you can in fact reach the Dead Sea in the cheapest way possible when you take the shuttles which are run daily from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Apart from the shuttles, many tourists prefer to rent car at the Dead Sea and this can be done from either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and opting for car rentals is an economical way to get around the Dead Sea indeed.

  • Private or Guide Tours to Dead Sea

Apart from private tours to Dead Sea another great way to visit this place is by taking a Masada and Dead Sea Guided Tour which is available almost every day and starts from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

  • Budget-Friendly Tours

There are other amazing tours such as Dessert Jeep Tours which takes the travelers across the Judean deserts and explore the Dead Sea and what more is that the tours are budget-friendly ones, worthy enough to consider.

  • Segway Tours

Ever wondered that you can now take Segway tours on the Dead Sea? Well, currently this lowest spot on Earth also comes with the best interactive Segway tours to give you one-of-that-kind of experience.

Choosing a Tour Operator

  • It is always advisable to choose a reputable tour operator or a company that makes safety a top priority.
  • When it is about making a trip to Dead Sea, you must know that one great way to relax and get the best of the Dead Sea’s healing offerings is by booking up with a Dead Sea Wellness Experience Tour.
  • When choosing a tour operator it is best to do your own research and read the testimonials and the reviews from top booking sites.
  • For those who are looking for budget-friendly tour options it is best to consider the tours that leaves from Eilat

Booking Recommendations

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When it is about booking a tour to Dead Sea, one must know there are range of economical options and tailers one to get the most of the money.  Generally, the Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea from Jerusalem costs nearly $ 59 per persons and offers most unique and memorable experiences.

What to Do When Visiting Dead Sea

The primary attractions when in the Dead Sea remains in getting the therapeutic value of the saline water body and also include the cultural and historical heritages and the desert landscape surrounding this spectacularly unique basin.

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls

The religious manuscripts are completely preserved at the caves of Qumran  located at the northwestern shores of the Dead Sea and the best way to get an amazing desert experience is by taking a canyon tour along the caves of Qumran.

  • En Gedi National Park

Hiking along the northern part of the Dead Sea one will come across the park with the coolest water hiking trails. In the En Gedi Nature’s park don’t forget to visit the Wadi David and Wadi Aurgot with multitude of pools and waterfalls.

  • Bath in the Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea and getting some of the healing mud always falls at the top of the list and certainly one of the healthiest thing to do when visiting this lowest part of the world.

  • The Dead Sea Kayaks

For one-of-a-kind experience when visiting the Dead Sea one must go salt caving or simply sail or take the kayaking tours.

  • Hiking & Canyoning

All seasoned hikers must know that the Dead Sea region comes with great hiking and canyoning options with expert guides.

  • The amazing Bedouin Culture

 Certainly the best thing to do in the Dead Sea region is getting to know about the Bedouin culture which has remained unchanged for hundreds of years and the best way to experience is by visiting a real Bedouin camp.

Masada Tours

The Masada tours offered by top-notch tour operators discussed right in here comes with the most experienced local tour guides, expert story tellers and offers the best way to experience and explore the ancient ruins atop the plateau of Masada with best-in-class cable cars. 

A well-planned tour with a knowledgeable and experience guide brings a great difference and is indeed the best way to explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Masada. In here, we have hand-picked the top 5 eye-opening and immersive tours to experience a very different side of Masada

In this Masada Tour Guide, you’ll find:

  • Quick Tips: Getting the Most of the Masada Tour Experiences
    • Climbing Masada
    • Masada Events; Sound & Light Shows
    • Getting to Masada by Bus, Car Rentals
    • Visiting Masada Independently
    • Best Places to Stay In Masada
  • TOP 5 Eye–Opening Masada Tours of 2019
  • The Masada Sunrise Tours
  • Masada and Dead Sea Tour
  • Masada Day Tours
  • Group Tours to Masada and Dead Sea
  • Masada & Dead Sea Full-Day Tour from Tel Aviv
  • Booking Recommendations

Quick Tips: Getting the Most of the Masada Tour Experiences

  • Climbing Masada

Masada is one of the greatest archaeological sites in Israel and the ancient fortress is located on high ascending and isolated rock plateau overlooking the Dead Sea.

Climbing the high strategic location takes of Masada which is almost 400 meters from the Dead Sea is suitable only for the travelers who are fit to endure the steep path and intense summer heat. This is why; the best way to get around Masada is by taking a cable car to the top of Masada.

  • Masada Events; Sound & Light Shows

The private tours to Masada come with experienced suggestion on Masada events, concerts and also offers knowledge on Siege of Masada which occurred during the First Jewish-Roman Wars.

The Masada sound and light show takes place during every Thursdays and Tuesdays from the month of March to October

  • Getting to Masada by Bus, Car Rentals

Masada is accessible by public buses but the buses do not stop at the top attractions and in this case renting a car is the next best option apart from the guided tours. The cable-car hours during Saturday to Thursday are usually from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

  • Visiting Masada Independently

For visiting independently, it is best to know that Masada and the rest the park stays open on Saturdays and the site closes on Fridays and during the holiday eves the site closes one hour earlier than the regular times. The guided Masada tours is always the best option as the entrance fee to the nation park is included with the tour packages.

  • Best Places to Stay In Masada

With the guided Masada tours, often times tourists prefer to stay right at the Masada. In this case the best place to stay and make the best of the Masada tour is at the HL Masada Guesthouse which lies right at the foot of the Masada plateau and is situated at the best location to make the Masada Sunrise Tours.

TOP 5 Eye–Opening Masada Tours of 2019


The Masada Sunrise Tours

Formidably, the best comprehensive way to visit Masada and experience the top attractions and highlights is by booking the amazing Masada Sunrise Tour offered by the top Israeli tour operators.

The Masada Sunrise Tour comes with the most reasonable price and includes the most amazing hiking tours which start from the base of Masada, which is set almost 400 meters from Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth. The Masada tours starts in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and costs only $ 59 per person.  Hiking up to the Masada Snake Path takes approximately two and half hours to complete whole the whole Masada Sunrise tour takes approximately 10 hours and is an eye-opening tour to get the most of the tour experience.

The Masada & Dead Sea Sunrise tour comes up with the following key highlights –

  • Travel through the Judaen Dessert
  • Visit the archaeological remains and listen to the stories of heroism and endurance
  • Get the amazing views of the Dead Sea and the Moab Mountains of Jordan
  • Climb the Masada to get the best view of the sun emerging from the Jordanian mountains
  • Experience the greatest sunrises in the world which illuminates the waters of the Dead Sea
  • Head to the Ein Gedi Natural Reserve Park and explore the vast wilderness
  • Float in the Dead Sea for its special healing benefits
  • Self guided tours and provides independent styles of travel

Q        Departure days: Available Every Day


Masada and Dead Sea Tour

The Masada and Dead Sea Tour costs around $ 108 per person and is most customizable tour which can be tailored according to the needs.

The key highlights included in the Masada and Dead Sea tour are as follow-

  • Ascending to the southern Israel through the Judean Hills and pause at sea level for photo shoots
  • Visit Masada by taking a cable car to the plateau summit and tour across bathhouse and remarkable structures
  • Descend to the Dead Sea and spend a day of full relaxation by floating and taking mud baths at the sea beaches.
  • Guaranteed departures, hotel pick-ups and drop-off facilities along with air-conditioned vehicle transportation and licensed tour guide.

Q        Departure days: Available Every Day

Pick Up Places: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Herzliya and Netanya


Masada Day Tours

The Masada day tours comes under the trip package titled as – Masada, Dead Sea and Qumran Day Trip from Jerusalem and costs around $ 130 per person.

The key highlights included in the tour package includes as follow-

  • Ascend to the top of the Masada by cable car
  • Cover the Judean Desert sites from Jerusalem
  • Visit farther south and King Herod’s desert fortress
  • Enjoy therapeutic qualities of Dead Sea by taking the mud bath
  • Hotel Pick-up and drop-off services are included along with a professional guide and air-conditioned vehicle transport facilities.

Q Departure Days: Every day


Group Tours to Masada and Dead Sea

The Group Tours to Masada and Dead Sea costs approximately $ 716 per groups. During a one-day group tour to Masada the following sites are included –

  • Dead Sea
  • Masada National Park
  • Qumran caves

The Key Highlights included in the Group Tours to Masada and Dead Sea is as follow –

  • Descend into the Jordan Valley and ascend to the summit of the Masada
  • Explore preserved archaeological excavations, bath houses, well-preserved synagogue and store rooms in Masada
  • Visit the natural Spring at Ein Gedi
  • Stopping at the Dead Sea to float and take mineral rich mud-baths
  • Travel in air-conditioned vehicle along with experienced tour guides and avail pick-up and drop-off services.
  • Departure Days: Every day

Pick Up Destination: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv district, Nentanya and Herzliya


Masada & Dead Sea Full-Day Tour from Tel Aviv

Some of the top leading wholesale tour operator in Israel offers the Masada & Dead Sea Full-Day Tour from Tel Aviv offered by the company is most easily booked with best rates from The tour costs approximately $131 per person and the highlights included with the tour are as follow –

  • Descend 1,200 meters from Jerusalem and ascend in the Snake Path while enjoy mineral baths in the Dead Sea
  • Pass the oasis of Ein Gedi and explore the Qumran caves during return journey
  • Local tour guide, pick-up and drop-off facilities
  • Transport by new air-conditioned cable cars

QDeparture Days: Every day

Booking Recommendations

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