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Dead Sea Travel

Dead Sea Travel

The Dead Sea is known as not only the lowest place on earth but also the most mineral-laden and the saltiest water body making it a top destination attraction for all round the year.  In here, we have provided you the most up-to-date travelling guide to Dead Sea so that you can make the best of your vacation experience.

When, Where & How

When to Go

The weather and climate of the Dead Sea is very much different from the surrounding areas. The water temperature is warm at 22 to 35 degrees Celsius and in-water experience is welcoming and pleasant all round the seasons and all around the year. However there is the right kind of season for each type of travelling needs and the best times when the hotel prices drops and the busiest months which are best to be avoided.

  • Best times

Mid-October- November The best to visit the Dead Sea is during the Fall Season which starts from mid October and lasts till the end of November and during these months the hotel prices drops significantly and so does the temperature.

December- February Starting from December to February is the winter season in this part of the region of Dead Sea and during the winter season the average temperature at the Dead Sea ranges from 23 degree Celsius to 13 degrees.

Mid-June- August During the summer season which ranges from June to August the hotel prices in the Dead Sea region drops down due to the extreme hot weather and this is the perfect time for the travelers who are looking forward to get wellness trips and get pampered with the best of the deals.

  • Times Best Avoided

September-mid October Staring from September to mid-October the hotel prices near around the Dead Sea soars high and it is mainly due to the religious holidays and festivals. However, for those counting on music festivals this might just be the perfect month to make the trip.

March-May Although the hotel prices soars up higher during the month of the September the most busiest period in the Dead Sea is during the spring season and it falls in the month of March-May

Where to Stay

There are almost hundreds of luxury hotels, smaller accommodations and spa resorts all lined up along the shores the Dead Sea. 

  • Best 5 Star Hotels In Dead Sea

 If you are yearning for five-stars rated spa resort style hotel then the Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel situated right next to the shores of the Sea should fall on the top of your list. While the four-star hotel. Leonardo Club Dead Sea Hotel falls nothing in short and also comes with most amazing facilities and located right on the Dead Sea.

  • Best Value Hotels

The popular best value hotels  in the Dead Sea region and near about are  Daniel Dead Sea Hotel and the Crowne Plaza Dead Seas which are located in Ein Bokek and comes with best deals and amazing features loved by the tourists. 

  • Guest Houses

Other great accommodation option when travelling to Dead Sea is to stay at the affordable yet incredible guest houses which are located right on the Dead Sea region and Ovnat and Metzoke Fragot is two such renowned guest houses.

How to Go

The lowest point in the world, Dead Sea is located at the center of the Jordan Rift Valley in Israel. Trips are easily organized through the specialist tour operators and daily group tours which come with great range of selections and travelling itineraries.

Getting around Dead Sea is most easy and it is just an hour drive from Jerusalem. Do you know one of the cheapest way to reach Dead Sea?  Well you can in fact reach the Dead Sea in the cheapest way possible when you take the shuttles which are run daily from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Apart from the shuttles, many tourists prefer to rent car at the Dead Sea and this can be done from either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and opting for car rentals is an economical way to get around the Dead Sea indeed.

  • Private or Guide Tours to Dead Sea

Apart from private tours to Dead Sea another great way to visit this place is by taking a Masada and Dead Sea Guided Tour which is available almost every day and starts from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

  • Budget-Friendly Tours

There are other amazing tours such as Dessert Jeep Tours which takes the travelers across the Judean deserts and explore the Dead Sea and what more is that the tours are budget-friendly ones, worthy enough to consider.

  • Segway Tours

Ever wondered that you can now take Segway tours on the Dead Sea? Well, currently this lowest spot on Earth also comes with the best interactive Segway tours to give you one-of-that-kind of experience.

Choosing a Tour Operator

  • It is always advisable to choose a reputable tour operator or a company that makes safety a top priority.
  • When it is about making a trip to Dead Sea, you must know that one great way to relax and get the best of the Dead Sea’s healing offerings is by booking up with a Dead Sea Wellness Experience Tour.
  • When choosing a tour operator it is best to do your own research and read the testimonials and the reviews from top booking sites.
  • For those who are looking for budget-friendly tour options it is best to consider the tours that leaves from Eilat

Booking Recommendations

The Judah Tours are currently offering some of the best and most comprehensive packages to make your Dead Sea Travel this year as exhilarating and as best as possible To know more please visit:


When it is about booking a tour to Dead Sea, one must know there are range of economical options and tailers one to get the most of the money.  Generally, the Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea from Jerusalem costs nearly $ 59 per persons and offers most unique and memorable experiences.

What to Do When Visiting Dead Sea

The primary attractions when in the Dead Sea remains in getting the therapeutic value of the saline water body and also include the cultural and historical heritages and the desert landscape surrounding this spectacularly unique basin.

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls

The religious manuscripts are completely preserved at the caves of Qumran  located at the northwestern shores of the Dead Sea and the best way to get an amazing desert experience is by taking a canyon tour along the caves of Qumran.

  • En Gedi National Park

Hiking along the northern part of the Dead Sea one will come across the park with the coolest water hiking trails. In the En Gedi Nature’s park don’t forget to visit the Wadi David and Wadi Aurgot with multitude of pools and waterfalls.

  • Bath in the Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea and getting some of the healing mud always falls at the top of the list and certainly one of the healthiest thing to do when visiting this lowest part of the world.

  • The Dead Sea Kayaks

For one-of-a-kind experience when visiting the Dead Sea one must go salt caving or simply sail or take the kayaking tours.

  • Hiking & Canyoning

All seasoned hikers must know that the Dead Sea region comes with great hiking and canyoning options with expert guides.

  • The amazing Bedouin Culture

 Certainly the best thing to do in the Dead Sea region is getting to know about the Bedouin culture which has remained unchanged for hundreds of years and the best way to experience is by visiting a real Bedouin camp.

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