Fauna and Flora of Palestine 16-10-2019 Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh Lecture At Bethlehem Bible College with Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh

  • Exclusion and Inclusions – > is basically defining something while disregarding everything that this things is not for example if you define a table as something we put things on , we can logically argue that a chair can have something put on , same applies for microwaves , however the latter two chair and microwave are not tables, so we should include everything that defines as a table while excluding everything that does not
  • Perma culutre is Eco-agriculture , it is completely natural no chemical uses and completely depend on Land,water and Sun, it is also form of agriculture that take care of environment and take care of biodiversity and protect agriculture diversity
  • Omnivore’s are not just mammals, there are birds also that eat both, an example human
  • Bird have 147 Million ancestor year old it had a Tale and it also had teeth not like birds of today, they look more like reptiles , so it was a stage between birds and reptiles , why too many birds and dinasous have been extincted? because they couldn’t regulate there body temperatures while birds did , tourists interested to know about the Types and Characteristics, Class Evis like class mammalia have certain characteristics , one of them are the Feathers they originally from scales , they also have the key bone in chest for the muscle to connect while the bird stretch to fly, if there is no bones there is no movements, the third characteristics if you break the bone it is empty because it is light not dense like other animals like rabbit, so it can easier fly , fourth characteristics are peaks, they feed through them , and the shape is about what they eat , for example the sun flower bird have very thin peak so it can suck out the nuctar
  • The Legs of the birds are important they have different functions and orientations, they started as reptiles with five fingers , chickens have 4 fingers
  • the Bird have extra Air sacks in it is body, it need more energy that is why it need lots of oxygen
  • Birds that eat sea water fish , they have to get rid of the salt, they have salt glance to get rid of the salt
  • another characteristics found differently in different birds are the eyes, it is much different than human eyes, for example eagle can have zoom in zoom out to see rabbit kilo meter far
  • sometimes the birds circle because the hot air rises
  • Gliding means to fly in hot air
  • The Wing shape is very important, an evolution through natural selection
  • the Tale Features how the animal hunts, some use to stand on it for balance, for example the wood picker
  • The Reason for egg shells getting spots, because they getting less calcium which results to be weaker , it is getting more acid the rain water because of the results in the Environment, there is glan inside the bird that the bird glean it like glue , the whiter the egg the healthier the egg, the more spotted the egg the less healthier
  • Birds migrate very large distances because they are used to migrate on tictonic plates when it was much smaller distance and till today they still do it same way when the tictonic plates are bit further
  • We find some birds that are very common in palestine in europe and asia but when you go to south africa or australia you find different birds, it is bit about the region
  • in Palestine it is very dramatic we have four area’s in Palestine same as we know them, coastal, ridge mountains, jordan valley and transjordan mountains
  • Palestine sun bird, Bolbol , Kazan ( wig tail) some famous palestinian birds
  • Birds in Palestine are resident Birds and there is summer Visitors, there is Migrant Birds, there is Winter Visitors, Vagrant Birds / Accidental Birds
  • Residential Birds they live here all year, they don’t migrate , like the sun bird , domestic sparrow , bolbol , pigeon, hawk
  • Summer Visitors come between February and September , they usually come young and go back to there countries india or europe , they include griffin volchuer , sonunu
  • We have many vigrant birds that pass through palestine, they pass twice , in spring and fall , one of them storks , usually in august and September, African paliqans
  • winter visitors like shaffs and other small birds, they come during the winter and they they during the winter for a month or two months
  • accidental birds which is very usual, some are brought here by humans such as the mina bird, also the green parrots which is tropical birds
  • نعاميات ostrage , the ostrich went extinct in palestine, last one was killed 150 years ago , but they were released back and also there is farms in Jericho and dar Salah
  • ostrich brain is the size of the walnut , the skull structure of the ostrich is still more primitive like other birds
  • الغطاسات we don’t have them in the west bank only in Sea and in gaza
  • الانفقنويات – sea weeds they eat
  • البجعيات they live in hula lake, and lake Tiberius
  • القلقيات – they eat worms and other insects from the grounds they called the cattle eagirts or eaters you also see them in other countires at the top of the buffalos as the same order
  • النحاميات – flamingo order, you see them pink color and in thousands , the pink is infection of particular fungis , they born white and later they develop this color
  • Order of gese الوزيات – ducks and gese and related
  • Falconiformes – الصقور
  • Galliformes – الدجاحيات , one of them chicker and turkey’s , in the US and england they called it turkey because they thought it came from turkey , we called it romy because we thought it is originally from ROME , other countries call it the Indian because they thought it came from India , Origins of Turkey Central America
  • Gruiformes الكركيات –
  • الزقزقيات – they eat fish
  • القطا
  • الحمام – pigeons and doves we have many species about 4 speices of pigeons and 6 species of Doves
  • الببغاوات – not native species they are foreign
  • الوقواقيات – the rynick is a bird that can turn it is head 360 degree’s
  • البوم – Owls they live near mar Saba and the surroundings of bethlehem it eat insects
  • The Owl swallow the whole mouse or bird , they don’t take pieces the Owl , they diguest them and then spit out the bones or what is left of them
  • Owl Food that is left undigested is then spit out through the mouth ( we call this pallets) , this is how we discovered what they eat along the years
  • السبد – سمامات
  • الشقرقيات – الهدهد –
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