First-time Gifts: Four Reasons Your Church Should Give Them Out

First-time Gifts: Four Reasons Your Church Should Give Them Out

When someone visits your church for the first time, it’s vital to make a positive first impression, so they become regulars. The first time someone visits your church is, undoubtedly, an intimidating experience. One aspect that can make the entire experience more welcoming is gift-giving. First-time gifts are an excellent way to create a memorable time and build a warm relationship. By giving out Christian gifts, such as praying rosaries or even something people can use like oils and perfumes, you’re showing visitors you care about them.

There are many other reasons why your church should consider giving a first-time gift. Here are four reasons why it’s important:

Shows Guests They Were Expected

Suppose you go to a friend’s house and see the home was ready for your arrival. A church is just like that. Preparing to welcome someone shows that you were already expecting them and had a gift ready exclusively for them. It works as a thank you and goes a long way into encouraging them to revisit you.

Make A Good First Impression     

When someone is visiting your church for the first time, they will tend to note everything, such as the location, the people, and the general surrounding area. By investing time to choose a well-thought-out gift, you can convey multiple things about your church through one gesture by showing that every visitor matters.

Makes Them Think About You

There’s a reason why souvenirs are popular. When people visit a place, they buy souvenirs to take a piece of it after they leave. First-time gifts work just like that. By giving a gift, they’re taking a part of the experience home with them. After that, the gift serves as a reminder of the time spent at your church every time they look at it or use it. It also serves as an invitation for them to return.

Gives An Excuse To Interact

Everyone who visits your church shouldn’t just be able to pick up the gifts of a table because that’s a missed opportunity for interaction. Instead, volunteers who are experts at interacting with newcomers should personally approach these people and offer them gifts.

It also gives you a chance to build a connection and interact with people who may potentially become regulars. Additionally, it ensures that newcomers interact with some people before leaving, even if it’s just one or two people.


Regardless of what you give, it would be best if you gave it with the right intention. You should exceed your guest’s expectations and surprise them with gifts they weren’t expecting and connections they didn’t think they would build the first time they visit.

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