Floura and Fauna of Palestine & Israel

  • First Domestication of Plants , our ancestors had rich plants
  • Nature of Palestine & Israel Very beautiful
  • Plants are not only used for Food but also for Medicine purposes
  • in pharmacy most of the medicines comes from plants and also most treatments for cancer are taken from plants
  • Plants are very good for the ECO system and Diversity
  • many things in local culture specially in Palestine it is much related to the local sayings of farmers – حرث
  • Modern science in the 19th Century
  • First Zionist Institution in the Holy land was Agriculture School
  • some of the Arabs that studied the plants in the Holy land such as Tawfic Canaan and he was a medical doctor and he used to look for plants used by the bedouins as medicine and he tried to write about them and publish about them
  • E.H Plamer, Hilma Granqvist, Grace M . Crawford , A.moore , karen Seger , shelag weir
  • Baraket El Qamh – the blessing of the Coin was simple shapes as form of blessing
  • Oldest wheat was domesticated in 9500 years BC was in the Land of Canaan
  • Elevation,climate, geology , soil , geography , topography all relate to the varieties of the plants and animals of that area
  • There are four categories fighto geographical zones , one of them mediteranean zone
  • Four Categories the Coastal one, in summer very dry and in the winter good rain, some of them are بلوط و بطم و زعرور و اميعة و قطلب و شجر زتون
  • Mediteranean Tree also شجرة الميس we can find it in Al Aqsa Compound
  • The other Irano Turanian and Saharo Arabian another 2 zones
  • Ethipoian/sudanese zone , we find it like places in jericho and Al-Aujeh
  • Wild Plants mixed plants many of african origin
  • in jericho was very large sugar plantation and also balsam and date palms
  • Rose of jericho very interesting Anastatica – when it dry it become like a ball then the wind move it to another place
  • The Reason Jericho is named jericho because it is the city of the moon and also from fragments it smells good
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  • Zatar is very good medicine plant and for the diet in Palestinians
  • Sage = مرمية , very health for healing wounds and for headaches specially the fresh sage
  • ghar leaf , very useful plant , very good for cooking and wild plants
  • Edible products : fruits, nuts, seeds, leaves , flowers, oil and gum
  • Non- Food Products: Gums and resins, fuelwood, charcoal, timber, oil for fuel , fruits and bark
  • leafs we can eat : نعنع و خس
  • in the early times of car manufacturing these used rubber from plants
  • السماق = they make from it chicken spices
  • Romans planted wines in hebron , it was one of the best place to produce wine after Islamic Conquest they stopped using it for Wine , when they have excess from it they make syrup and resins
  • you can tell the age of the tree by the width of the tree , but there are variables if the tree is in fertile place it will be more so it need to be determined in particular inhabit, for example you need to measure it this year then measure it the next year then you take the total width and calculate how old the tree is
  • Gladiolus Italicus – سيف الغراب from these they made the dyes
  • pyrus comes from انجاص – Syriaca from syria
  • خرو ب karoub – very good to drink, دبس , the powder is used as subtitute as powder or caco
  • hothorn – زعرور – why thorns because it have thorns on it , دبس و تطلي
  • Fixed nitrogen – leucaena
  • Pistacia Palestina – بطم , and the branches are red
  • loquat اسكيدنيا
  • tree of haven – invasive species
  • Wild Relatives and Economic Potential – عكوب و حماض
  • Economic Potential Plants – الغار و كزبرة و الخروع
  • castor oil very interesting use of it , paint it on white paper and leave it it will collect the small insects very interesting
  • orchids السحلبيات are endangered species , they die because of insects die with the use of chemical insect killers because those insects fertile the orchids and human descrutction taking these plants for food and other reasons
  • زنبق , because people cut it and give to others as gifts
  • اللوف الفلسطيني – is poisonous
  • Old and Holy Trees خروب العقبة و قيقب عين قينيا
  • Sycamore Tree in jericho – الجميزة
  • Mount of Olives – Garden of Gettsemane
  • Threats to Plant biodiversity – Humans interference and the killing of insects , overgreazing, burning the trees, collecting the wild plants in large quantities , Climate Change ,
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