Four Essential Rules Of Giving Gifts

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Contrary to what most people think, gift-giving isn’t as straightforward as it seems. There’s a lot of thought that goes into getting a gift for your loved one and, without paying attention to it, it’s very easy to get it wrong.

Hence, now we’re going to tell you certain rules involved with giving gifts. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re giving a Christian gift that’s very specific to your loved one’s belief, or something as general as a box of chocolates. By following these rules of giving gifts, you can ensure your gift-giving experience is as memorable as it could be!

Never pair a big gift with a small one

It’s natural for many of us to give a combination of gifts to complement each other. For instance, you could give a book and a bookmark or shoes and socks. The problem with this approach is that the recipient often tends to average out the value of both the gifts, thereby reducing the value of the big gift. Hence, you should avoid this problem by giving equal value gifts if you’re giving multiple ones or just one big or small gift to ensure the impact isn’t lessened.

Gift cards are a good option

rules of giving gifts, giving gifts, christmas

Many people underestimate the reliability of a good gift card. Gift cards are an excellent opportunity for a gift-giver to create an emotional connection with the recipient and introduce something personal to the entire experience. While it’s possible you’re gifting a thing with complete materialistic value, a card compensates for that by providing you with the chance to write something with your heart and create a stronger bond with the friend or family member you’re giving the gift to.

Think like the receiver

When you’re trying to choose a gift for someone, perhaps the best way to understand what they may potentially like is by putting yourself in their shoes. By understanding their likes and dislikes and determining what they love spending their own money on, you can ensure you’re getting a gift that they’ll most probably end up liking. For instance, if the recipient is someone who’s religiously inclined, then Zuluf has some excellent gifts for Christians that you can look into.

Spend more on others than yourself

This is the most basic rule of gift-giving. You should give generously and not skimp out on this gesture. There are many benefits of being kind and generous to the people around you, so you should always aim to do as much as you can.


Gift-giving is an art, and by following the rules of giving gifts listed above, you can ensure you’re nailing this experience every time.

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