Israel Enters The Land of Canaan

  • After the conquest of Joshua 1250 BC to the land of Canaan many cities were never conquered
  • In this new land there remained some outposts of the with old Canaanite enclaves their own religion, traditions and culture.
  • These Israelites are Tribal System, bedouins and they belive in one god Yahweh , and they worship other idols during the times of the Judges
  • Tribe and Society the Israelite Tribes seems to have offered a very different social model from the Canaanite City-States
  • Tribes such as Simeon, Judah, Gad , Ephraim, Benjamin, Dan , Gad , Manasseh
  • Whereas the Latter ( The Cannanite City States) were ruled by Kings, and there was a sharp distinction between rich and poor, the different workers within those societies the Israelite Tribes were more Egalitarian
  • The Israelite Tribes were More egalitarian engaged in a largely agricultural economy, growing wheat and Barely, raising sheep, goats and cattle, and carrying for their vineyards and olive groves.
  • So we can tell the difference between the Israelite Cities and Cananite Cities that in the Cananite there is huge social distinction between rich and poor while Israelite all people are equal at that time
  • Egalitarian Society = متساوي
  • Israel at that time it was Tribal-Chieftain City States that offered very different social model from the Canaanite City-States
  • Decisions were made by Local Elders or Judges, There were no armies , defense was the responsibility of anyone who could hold a sword.
  • Levitical Cities – after the conquest of the land and along with the allocation of territory to teh tribes, certain cities are desginated for the use of the levites
  • The Levitical Cities were 48 Cities in Ancient Israel set aside for the Tribe of Levi,
  • There were Cities of Refuge – Six of the Cities that were given to the Levites were designated as Cities of Refuge from the 48 Cities

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