Jacob Journey Geography Point of View


  • Patriarchs always living in the Hills – they originate from the Lands of aram – Area of Syria and Turkey, they wouldn’t prefer to marry the Canaanites
  • Pastoralist = راعي
  • Jacob name means holder of the heel
  • Ya’aqavol means god protect
  • Esaw Means Hairy
  • Esu Ancestor of the Edomites, Esau also Called Edom
  • Rebekah had strugle in her womb
  • Esau Sold his Birthright to Jacob
  • Rebecca Mother of Jacob and esau
  • Nabateans Built Great Cisterns in the Desert to collect all rain water
  • Cities of Nabateans are Avdat, Haluza, Mamshit and shivat , nabateans were very rich they controlled trade routes and petra

When we talk about the story of jacob , it was part of god’s plan, it is true he sold the blessing of eso , at first jacob was son of issac after he married to rebekah , he had two sons eso and jacob , jacbo became israel later on , they were in great fight and in womb of rebeka they used to fight, but rebeka loved jacob more , when jacob was born he catch the leg of his brother, rebeka told her son jacob that before your father die , he wanted to give the blessing, rebeka said she wants jacob, jacob told his mother , my father will curse me, she said i will take the blessing, she dressed him with animal fur to be hairy like his brother eso when his father try to touch his hand, it all worked and he got the blessing , then jacob travelled from ber al sabe3 to bethel then he kept going north to his uncle laban, he saw the daguther of laba, rahel, he told his uncle labal i want to marry her , his uncle said you have to marry her 7 years, after 7 years his uncle labal cheated him and made him marry leah then he worked another 7 years and married to rahel also, then jacob after 20 years he decided to leave but labal followed him all the way to the south, at the road he strugelled with god ben oul – talal al thahab, but then he met his brother eso , he split his people into two , then after meeting god he changed his name from jacob to israel , then after he met his brother eso , they went to shekim where his daugher was raped, but then he continue to bethlehem where rachel died while having benjamin, then where joseph kept crying in egypt till he met his brother benjamin, migdal eder in Beit sahour area where tower of jacob or tower of the flock , and later on he settle in hebron where they all have been burried there, the desert the Negev – david bein gurion had lots of idea’s about the negev, many advanced cities today are there , nabtian cities are also in the negev area , al nakab means the dry, it is about 60% of the historical palestine

11-10-2019 Update

  • Issac Means “He Will Laugh”, His Mother Laughed About having him because she thought it wouldn’t be possible while she was old
  • Issac Started from Beersheba
  • Steward means represntitive , When issac wanted to get Married abraham sent Eliezer his steward into mesopotamia to find a wife for Issac
  • Genealogy – علم الانساب و سلالات
  • birthright is a possession or privilege one has from birth, especially as an eldest child, one of them you will be a leader at elder age , esau supposed to be the next future leader of the family
  • Esau gave up his birthright

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