Jerusalem Part 1 – History & Valleys

Jerusalem – Elevation of 785 M Above the Sea Level – Stands on Hills ;

Jerusalem is Almost in the Middle, 25 Kilo meters to the East of Israel and West is Almost 58 KM from Israel (Historical Palestine)

Jerusalem Have Three Valleys, Kidron Valley, Cheese Valley and Johanam Valley

Plateau in the Judean Desert , It is one of the oldest cities in the world and Very Holy City in the World, Christianity, Islam and Judaisim

Jerusalem Destroied at least Twice, and Besieged 23 times, Attacked 52 Times and captured and recaptured more than 40 Times.

The Holiness of the City of Jerusalem Always start with King David – David conquered the City from the Jebusites – and established the united kingdom of Israel about 1000 BC and his son King Solomon 970 BC

King David chose it because it is perfect place and easy to defend it is surrounded by Three Valleys, Later on Solomon built the Temple.

Jerusalem is important because original place of the Temple and important symbol for the Jewish People, it started about 1000 BC , more than 3000 years ago.

For Christianity not only because of David but also because of our Lord Jesus Christ who was centered in Jerusalem, his miracles in Jerusalem, His death and Also His Resurrection.

For Muslims Very Holy City – Al-Quds , the whole area of Al Aqsa Mosque , there it is belived that mohammad ascended to heaven in night journy he would go from makka to Jerusalem then he will speak to god there, very important Even and to Muslims it is the whole Area including Dome and surroundings.

Jerusalem without any Hesitation is inscribed in World Heritage 1981 that was proposed by Jordan Back then in the 1981 to be on the Unesco World Heritage List, jordna was much connected to the west bank Back then.

Jerusalem on the Route 60 ( The Patraiatchs Route) it is located Between Mountains of Beth El in the North and of Hebron in the South.

Very Rare to find City that is surrounded by Three Valleys , Perfect Place For Defending and turn into into Fortress Dominating a considerable Area.

Jerusalem one of important Stops for Trade Routes in Ancient Times and ancient Near East .

Very Complex City Mount of Olives About 808 meters above sea level , Mount Scoups about 826 m and Jerusalem Old City about 760 M.

Mount Scoups they call it like this because jews when hadrian didn’t allow them to enter jerusalem they stood there to look over jerusalem ( Jabal Al Masharif ) , when jerusalem was divided , Mount Scoups was under Israeli Control and rest under Jordanian Control.

Valley Kidron , Kidron Means the Dark the Shady and also the Nuts Valley because Many Nuts in the valley – Mount of Oleves and Dome of Rock – Yehud Shafat – Messiah will come there where the tombs at.

Wadi Al Rababa – Hinnom Valley , Western Side of the City – Wadi Jahanam or Hell and very connected with Wadi Al Nar – Near Peter of Galicanto صياح الديك

The Central Valley – El Wad – The Last Valley in Old City that is why there is an upper part and Lower Part – Al Wad Street – street named after El Wad , Start from Damascus Gate and Move all along the Via Dolorosa , Today the Valley is hidden by Debris.

The Cheesemaker valley? – The tyropoeon Valley or the Making Valley – Josephus who told us in his book it was the cheesemaker valley, and because of that we have 3 or 4 theories why explain this valley is called cheesemaker valley, According to Dan Bahat it is not actually the valley of cheese, it is about silversmithing, the valley of silversmith, Emek and it is wrongly mistaken in translations into cheesemaking in Greek Translations

Another Theory is the valley of decision and then the slice valley, it is the valley of decision mentioned in Joel 3:14 , very similar to kidron valley and it is the location where judgment will take place and where a decision will be made.

Another Theory – Haritzei hehalav , dairy food silicing so it could be the valley of food, the decision of good Another Valley if Sliced Cheese from Tyropoeon

Another Theory suggest Valley of the Tyrians – Tyre and mostly trading , King hiram from Tyre would send lots of Carpenters and Wood – Cedar Forests of Lebanon.

another suggestion it is the Dirty Place – From the Dung Place – the dirty place, usually in Hebrew it could be torpha – it is the dirty place and in damascus Gate, it is the most defended place because it is the weakest place in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem has no source of water , only source of water is jihon spring – the soultion was aqudacts and springs from surroudning areas such as hebron and king solomon pools roman aquedacts, Many pools such as silwan.

From Jerusalem to the Dead Sea you need approximately 35 KM, If you keep going to the West you reach Mount Herzel , Yitzhak and Leah Rabin burried there also Eli Cohen and Gold Meir, nearly all founding fathers of Israel are burried there.

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