You are currently viewing Jesus Sandals For Men & Women For sale Online – Black and Brown Leather Sandals & Slippers

Jesus Sandals For Men & Women For sale Online – Black and Brown Leather Sandals & Slippers

We Just finished Uploading Our New Category Online of Jesus Sandals Made in The Holy Land, You Won’t Find Any sandals like these anywhere especially not in your local shoe store.

Leather Jerusalem Sandals From Holy Land

All Our Sandals Are Hand Made from Genuine Leather, These Sandals Some call them Jesus Sandals, Jerusalem Jesus Sandals, Holy Land Sandals, and Jesus Slippers because they look like the real sandals that people here used to wear more than 2000 years ago and for a very long time till past centuries.

Zuluf Store – Leather sandals

Of Course, they didn’t look as nice back then but still nearly the same concept and design and nearly the same manufacturing process but most importantly they are extremely comfortable.

They Are perfect for special occasions and plays as they do look like the real deal and everyone will be amazed how did you get such sandals and they will be even more surprised that you got them from the Holy Land.

Roman Sandals / Jesus Sandals Stand from Zuluf Store

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The Video’s Above are Made by one of Our Team Members in our Community Store where you can see some of our Stock of Jerusalem Sandals that we have, Made from Genuine Leather and Perfect Gift.

Jesus Leather Sandals and the Bible

Did you know Sandals are mentioned in the Bible in the 1st Century if we read from Mark 1:7

And this was his message: “After me comes the one more powerful than I, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie.

In fact, John insists that his own water baptism is inferior to the baptism of the Spirit that Jesus brings (Mark 1:8; Matt 3:11; Luke 3:16). Matthew takes the issue one step further (3:13–15) by having John protest his unworthiness not only to untie Jesus’ sandals but also to baptize
him. He needs instead to be baptized by Jesus. Only when Jesus himself insists on the ceremony does John obediently

Roman Sandals

Our Sandals look very much Like Roman Sandals in Antiquities, We choose to take the long road, using only vegetable-based stains and quality leather, finishing each sandal by hand, The source of Biblical sandals is ancient. They appear in wall paintings found in archaeological dating the Old Testament in the Levant and were not very different than those used in Rome and Egypt. Reminders of such sandals were found in Masada.

Our high-quality, water-resistant leather can withstand any environment. Dual-stitching ensures your sandals last as long as you do, and grippy soles let you hike, bike, and explore the world confidently in style.

Click Here to Buy Jerusalem Jesus Sandals Online

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