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All you need to know about the city of Nablus

Nablus is one of the largest cities in Palestine. It is very close to Jerusalem and it is located at approximately 60 KM north of Jerusalem, it is in the middle of Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal. It is popularly called the ‘Uncrowned Queen of Palestine”. Nablus is a Muslim city and it has few Samaritans, few Christians, and Jews. It consists of two churches, a synagogue for Samaritans and twelve mosques. 

Nablus is the industrial and commercial hub of Palestine. It is famous for its usually busy markets, traditionally made soap from olive oil, and its unique sweets. The indigenes of Nablus are friendly and accommodating, they love seeing tourists visiting and exploring their lovely city.

Common tourist sites in Nablus include; Mount Gerizim, Jacob’s well, The Samaritan village, Olive oil factory, the refugee camps, Nablus park, and the Spices shop.

Its main attractions include the Old City of Nablus and Jacob’s well. The Old City of Nablus is where the rich history lies. It comprises amazing architectural buildings, stone façade, old urban spaces, narrow streets, etc.

Touring Nablus from Jerusalem

Nablus is a beautiful city with so many attractions and touring around the city is a very good idea. Nablus is close to Jerusalem and you might likely pass through Jerusalem when touring the city.

There is the Central West Bank’s large swath, settlements of the Jews, Ancient olive trees, and so many villages in Palestine. 

Coming to Nablus from Jerusalem, lies Samaria, the central region of Old Palestine, there lies Mount Gerizim, there, you will find a small Samaritan village with indigenes who can be traced by to Moses in the bible.

The Samaritans who originated from the Hebrew tribe, regard this mountain as a Holy temple making it a sacred place to the Samaritans. The Samaritans are hospitable people. 

You will come across the popular Jacob’s well, a place Jesus had asked the Samaritan woman for a drink of water (A popular Bible Story) in the beautiful church. The well has been used as a baptismal place for Christians over time.

Then, there is a camp in the street where ladies host summer camps, children activities, make wonderful embroidery and conduct empowerment seminars and programs for women, it is a camp called the “Women’s Centre of Balata Refugee”. It also has a refugee camp that hosts many families who were exiled from Israel dating back to 1948 and 1967.

The refugees live there permanently because the camp is home to them. Moving forward, there is also an ancient museum that houses old artifacts from the Old City of Nablus.

Food is an important part of every culture; Nablus has so many mouth-watering dishes. Kanafeh is a popular dish in Nablus; it is a local dessert dish that is made with pastries from cheese doused in very sweet syrup. And you must try it out when in Nablus. 

At the outskirt of Nablus lies Joseph’s Tomb in the ancient holy site. And the popular House of Palestine. Nablus is a very attractive city to go on a tour, its ancient city and rich heritage make the visit more exciting. 

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