Olive Wood angels

Written By : George

Our Olive Wood Angels are all Handmade in the Holy Land in the Zuluf Fair Trade Community Workshop for Disadvantaged Men and Women. Part of the joy of worldliness, each of these lovely Olive Wood Angels is unique and hand-polished individually to a very fine finish.

Wood grains range from fine honey tones to dramatic vortices. These beautiful, hand-carved angels give unique gifts to any age or situation and at the same time make a significant difference in the lives of people with special needs.

Let this beautiful divine messenger be a part of your home this holiday season. Blowing the trumpet means good news and miracles are coming. This olive tree angel can be independent or complement any other decorations that may be on display.

Olive tree angels are spiritual beings who serve God and are mentioned several times in the Bible. They brought God’s messages to their people and condemned God’s enemies. Angels have surely been loved and admired for centuries as guardians of men. They are like the angels baby, the guardian of angels, angelic figures, statues of angel, etc.

Perfect for angels for the Christmas season or at home or in the office year round. This corner of the olive tree made in Israel is a wonderful gift for yourself or your loved one.

Keep in mind olive wood is an organic material, so each item produced has its own unique color, grain and luster. https://zuluf.com/collections/olive-wood-angels-wooden-shop

History of the olive tree

Olive trees have been cultivated on holy land since ancient times. Historians and archaeologists believe that the first olive groves were planted around 4000 B.C.E.

The olive tree plays a significant role in the daily life of the people of the holy land. From the tree they get olives, from the olives they get their olive oil and from the left mass they get their soap. The timber makes the work of the artists, the farmers get the chips to keep their walls clean and everyone else gets the wood burned in the cold desert.

The olive tree has both religious and sentimental significance for all nations and all religions, especially Judaism and Christianity. In the Old Testament, religious leaders and prophets had anointed them with olive oil. It was also used to light lamps in the Jerusalem temple.

In the New Testament, Jesus was called anointed (the Messiah). The early Christians were called Nozreem or Massehe, which in Arabic and Arabic means “anointed with olive oil”. Jesus was arrested on Olive Hill and ascended from there to heaven after his resurrection.

Since Noah, the branches of the olive tree have been a symbol of peace. As the years of war began in the Holy Land, farmers continued to plant olive trees to stay in touch with the land despite the fighting.

For the rest of us, the olive tree is a symbol of peace, beauty, longevity and healing. Artists in Bethlehem and Jerusalem are well aware of the importance of the olive tree and take care of the finer works of these sacred trees. We are proud to offer the finest examples of olive trees straight from Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

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