You are currently viewing Olive Wood Nativities & Nativity Sets From Bethlehem – Zuluf Store Nativities From the Store!

Olive Wood Nativities & Nativity Sets From Bethlehem – Zuluf Store Nativities From the Store!

Unlike other Olive Wood Nativity sets & Nativities, these Wooden Nativity sets bring a piece of the Holy Land into your home that will always be cherished. Nativities & Nativity Sets:

Most of the time Christian’s associate nativity sets with Christmas. Christmas is the time that we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Thus, it is a wonderful time to display a nativity set. However, nativity sets can be displayed year-round as a reminder of Jesus’ gift to us.

Nativity sets can be displayed in the home, office, store, church, or anyplace else where you would like a beautiful reminder of the true gift we were given. Children’s nativity sets are wonderful for teaching about Jesus. Letting your child play with a special children’s nativity all year long is a great way to remind them of the story of Christ and of Jesus’ love for us all.

Echoing the events of the night Joseph and Mary made a humble bed of hay for baby JESUS, nativity sets make the perfect Christmas gift, but with its decorative appeal, symbolism and heritage, it’s not something you put away after the holiday season – to the contrary, they make a great showpiece display in any home, church or even place of business and therefore are favored as year-round Christian gifts With the incredible story of Jesus Christ’s miraculous birth as divine inspiration, Christian artists have been capturing this legendary scene in the art for hundreds of years. This is especially true of the magnificent artists who have hand-carved this historic event in gleaming Olive Wood for generations in the Holy land.

With a remarkable selection of Olive Wood Nativity Sets from Zuluf Community,, our goal is to provide you with only the best quality products available. Don’t wait any longer to bring the Spirit of God into your home with one of these inspirational masterpieces made in the heart of Israel!

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