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Palestine Tour from Jerusalem

Palestine Tour from Jerusalem

Israeli-Palestinian relationships are very complicated, to say the least. Both countries have been embroiled in a struggle for territory since the mid-20th century and a compromise has been difficult to reach. At the moment, if you wish to enter or exit any of the territories, you will have to pass through heavily controlled Israeli military checkpoints.

Both countries remain popular sites for pilgrimages and cultural tourism because they hold significance for three of the world’s major religions – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Planning a tour of Palestine? This article can help you gain some valuable insights. 

Is it safe?

When you hear about Palestine in the news, it is usually a story about conflict. It is easy to think that it is a very violent and unsafe place but that is simply not true. According to International SOS, Palestine has a medium safety profile (check it out here The people are very warm and friendly and street crime is very low compared to most major cities around the world.

Getting In- Modes of Transportation

Although there is a short distance between Jerusalem and Palestinian (approximately 18.76 km), getting across is not so simple. Nevertheless, there are various options available to fit different budgets and travel styles.

  • Guided Tours

There are many guaranteed tours departing every day. This is easily the most convenient and popular way to travel to Palestine. Asides being convenient, they are also cost-effective and have the added advantage of being guided which allows you to relax and benefit from the value of a local guide already familiar with all the major sites.

  • Tourist Shuttles 

Perfect if you want to make a quick visit or spend the night. Tourist shuttles are available every afternoon from 15:30 in Jerusalem and they leave Palestine around 17:30.

  • Private Vehicles

Despite the short distance between Jerusalem and Palestine, it is not possible to take a taxi. This is because Israelis are not permitted to enter. You can go around this by arranging a private car to pick you up from your address in Jerusalem and escort you into Palestine.

  • Public Bus Service

There are two possible ways to get from Jerusalem to Palestine via bus. The first is the public bus service from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and the other is the public line from East Jerusalem Bus Station which is run by the Palestinian Bus Company. Although there is no available schedule, service is frequent and the cost is cheap.

Where Should I Visit In Palestine

Palestine is often in the news for the wrong reasons but it is a truly welcoming place. Below are some places you can visit should you ever find yourself there.

  • Ramallah

Ramallah is a short distance from the bus station in East Jerusalem. It is considered to be one of the safest and most liberal Arabic cities in the world. The locals are friendly and well educated in the English language. There are a number of cultural and political tours and plenty of authentic Palestinian restaurants where you can try some local dishes. 

  • Bethlehem

Popularly regarded as the birthplace of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem is home to a number of religious sites including the Church of the Nativity as well as Manger Square which is said to be the place where Jesus was born.

  • The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and it is the second saltiest body of water in the world. It is popular with tourists who come to take photos and relax along the edge. The surrounding mud is said to have healing and therapeutic powers and you can test this out by covering yourself in the mud.

  • Masada

Located on a mountain top in the Judean desert with breath-taking views over the region.  Masada is an ancient fortress known for being the place where the Jewish uprising against the Roman Empire began.

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