So what is Proverbs All About?

The overarching theme f the book is, how to live in God’s World, The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the holy one is understanding, Prov:10, Fear the Lord and shun evil Prov 3:7

Many things happen near the Gates, where the elderly wise sit near the gate, waiting for someone to ask them for advice, usually Cities have a negative image in the world today, when we talk about big cities, when we talk about las vegas, when cities evolved, when urbanization evolved cities started to sin more and more.

Fear of the World is the begging of wisdom as they say, as it is said in Prov 3:7, Fear of the Lord doesn’t mean terror but it means out of sincere respect, love, and obedience to God, It consolidates ancient Israel’s Experience-based convictions and offers believers of every generation practical advice on holy living.

Real Life Experiences connects with Proverbs and Authorship of Proverbs

It is Collection of catchy, memorable and timeless truth or basic values proven by previous generations, remember that Solomon asked God for wisdom instead of power and wealth, he was known to be the wisest men of the ancient world, there is no clear evidence that the book we have today is the same that Solomon author, it seems like it was collected version and for sure we have the later version of it.

Some evidence we have Solomon was the author of the book but NOT all of the book, The Scribes of King Hezekiah of Judah collected some of Solomon’s proverbs Prov 25:1, some scholars date the composition to the first millennium, with no specific dating.

The Contents of the Proverbs

remember the job was pessimistic about life, but unlike a job, it is usually optimistic about life, unlike job which grapples with the difficult issues of life and is usually pessimistic.

Wisdom is much more than intellectual information or head knowledge the instruction that we found in this book is based on the reverence and worship of Yahweh.

The Sayings of the Wise, it offers thirsty Sayings which have to add much common with the Egyptian document known as the instruction of amenemope 1200 BC.

The Fifth part is saying off and about two kings, agur son of jakeh and Lemuel, most probably they were Arabs or Arabian descents, the with part brings back the image of a wise woman/wife it is writing in an acrostic poetry style.

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