Reptiles of Israel & Palestine – 23-10-2019

  • Reptiles Have Blood Copper instead of Iron that is why it is blue or greenish
  • All Reptiles Lay Eggs , outside or inside
  • Most of the Reptiles have sensors like crocodiles in there teeth
  • Crocodile For example can control the Heart Beats of his heart to help him hunt at one time then another time stay lower
  • Crocodile have 2 chambers in his heart while humans have 4, other kind of reptiles have 3
  • In Reptiles Heat make you have males more than females , for example Alligators at 31 all females, 31.9 develop an equal, and at 32-35 all males
  • How Climate Change can affect these species? It could be all males/females area’s that is why they use incubators to control near 50/50
  • Turtle is the one that live in water, Tortoise that live on the land
  • Testudo Graeca very common in the Holy land
  • We Have Fresh Water Turtles in many places in the West Bank & Israel
  • Lizards intentionally let there tails go so they can run away from there predators and they have the ability to regenerate and not all the same
  • the Lizards walk on walls because they have on there hands شفاطات
  • Eggs of Reptiles if green or blue it is rotten, rest is good
  • The Reptiles stand on there 4 legs because the heat – and also they camouflage because there colors very similar to there nature
  • Rat snake is semi poision snake if it bite any human it not going to kill directly but it will have vomits and other things
  • Attack and Defensive mechanism used in poisonous snakes
  • Fangs in the Front of the mouth it is poisonous the ones in the back are not poisonous
  • We have Two Kinds of Poision , one Neuro الاعصاب , other kind of Poision is محلل نسيج
  • Snakes move just by touching few places of the body on the sand so it doesn’t touch much of the sand so it doesn’t get much heat and be burnt from the extreme heat
  • Amphibians – برماءيات
  • amphibians have cabinets inside there body to keep there skins wet or to use it to run away from attack, some poisionious in the skin but in pales tine we don’t have any poisonous
  • only male frogs can make voices for territories or mating

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