Some Jewish, Roman and Byzantine History; it is complicated

  • After the Second Revolt Judea was deserted , the remnant of the Jewish population annihilated or exiled, and they were orphibited to enter Jerusalem
  • This Revolt was very harash on the romans and Hadrian
  • Was also very harsh on Bar Kobah also some called him Bar Koziba
  • The Four Holiest Jewish Cities in Judaisim , Jerusalem, Hebron, Tiberias and Safed – after the second Revolt
  • Hadrian Remove the province of Judeah and name it Palestina
  • Hadrian Changed the Temple area of Jerusalem to Temple of Jupiter
  • Hadrian Also removed all the Walls of Jerusalem and put Legion X in Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem : Aelia Capitolina – City founded in 135 AD by the Romans – Emperor Hadrian – Colonia means like colony
  • Colonia = Roman Settlement in conquered territory, Colonia something very high ranking in Roman Cities, and often named to the emperor or their family names , Aelia Capitolina This is the name of Jerusalem City
  • Aelius is the clan of Hadrian
  • Capitolina , Jupiter, Juna and Mierval the Capitolina the Three Triangle
  • Aeilia mentioned in the Truce between Omar Bin Khatab and Jerusalem Patriarch Siphranous
  • Constantine comes from Constant – the Steady – الثابت
  • Early Life of Constantine , his father name was constantinus and he was Ceaser at the time of emperor maximus
  • Queen Helena we always see her statue with cross
  • Father of Constantine Married two, Theodora and Helena , Helena wan’t from high ranking statues he married the wife of emperor maximus daughter
  • Milvian Bridge , waering a sign of a cross XP which means Christos , Messiah
  • Licinus is Constantine Brother in Law he took the Eastern one and Constantine took the Western Part of the Empire after the Milvian Bridge
  • 313 freedom of worship specially for Christians – Edict of Milan permanently established religious toleration for Christianity within the Roman Empire
  • Battle of Chrysopolis ( golden City ) in 324 Licinius was routed and constantine became sole emperor of Rome
  • in 330 Constantinople ont he site of Byzantium which has been Stronghold of Licinius
  • Queen Helena 3248 -328
  • Helena Greek from helen, which is derived from the root ( Light , Torch , Bright )
  • Helena Was about 80 years old of her death
  • Helena Birthplace is unkown, many places named after helena as helenapolis
  • Eusebius mention helena died at about 80 years old
  • The Kingdom of Tadmur Zenobia in 273 AD the Palmeria Empire
  • Nobilissima Femina Emperor Constantine used to call his mother similar to First lady these days, and she was granted much land around Rome, in Eusebius life of constantine it is mentioned that 312 constantine convinved his mother helena to become a Christian
  • Nativty Church, Holy Sepulcher Church, Ascension Church and Mamre Church in Hebron are the main churches
  • In the Icons if you see a lady with Cross it is most likely Helena
  • one of the stories one of the ladies was dead or sick when she put on the right cross she was healed

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