The Jewish Problem , The Arabs problem and More. By Dr Adnan Musallam

The Jewish Problem in European Societies, The Hatred of Jews and Its solutions:

  • Integration Haskalah Movement ( Jewish Enlightenment Movement ) it is promoted the idea that Judaism is only a divine religion and that jews are like the rest of their brothers in nationality, this movement collapsed at the end of the nineteenth century with the pogroms ( Blood Baths ), but this solution didn’t work at all, so this first movement suggested that the Jews should belong to the countries they live in and many jews wanted full integration and they thought they will get full equality as other citizens in their countries.
  • Immigration is the Solution it is leaving Eastern Europe such as western Europe to Amerca’s and South Africa, we notice big leaps in the numbers of immigrants after the bloody events of Russia in 1880-1880 , Total about 230,000 Persons from Europe Western and Eastern, when we compare those numbers to jews coming to Palestine it was much insignificant, 1900-1914 2 million jews immigrated and from 1881 till 1899 1 million jews immigrated
  • 3rd Solution was for the Jews is Zionism, we have three kinds of Zionism, we have Political Zionism and practical Zionism and we have Cultural Zionism
  • Political Zionism: Mass Movement from Eastern Europe to another place to Establish A Jewish National Home State.
  • Practical Zionism: mass movement from Eastern Europe to Palestine to Establish A Jewish National Home State
  • Cultural Zionism: unlike political and practical Zionism they don’t want to rush things they think it need time, it need to develop many of the cultural aspects of the State such as unified language and customs and many aspects together to build a state and when they have developed that many common cultural phenomenon aspects together it will be time to set up Jewish State and they were very critical to political Zionism and practical Zionism and there leader Asher Genzberg they criticize political and practical how they treated the Palestinian peasants.

1882 is the First Agricultural Jewish Zionist Settlement in Palestine that belongs to Practical Zionism, the First two Organisation are the Lovers of Zion and a second one that and the second one is Bilu who set up the First agricultural settlement rishon Etzion in 1882 – Rishon Lesion.

The Jerusalem District During the Ottoman Era in the 19th Century was in direct connection with Istanbul, it was very important District for the Ottomans, Jerusalem District, Nablus District and Ackre District both of these districts related to Beirut expect Jerusalem one direct with Istanbul, Jerusalem one was very important because the importance of the pilgrimage Route and all top powers countries at that time want to get foothold in Jerusalem District especially in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

The Inhabitants of Palestine / Southern Syria through the Ottoman Rule Considered themselves as citizens of the Ottman Empire which were multinational but without denying their Arabism they always felt they are belonging to the empire and their allegiance to it and the sultan.

The Drastic change in this situation occurred in the last nine years of the Ottoman rule, that is from 1909 till 1918 and not before that, and the situation between the Ottomans and the Arabs started from 1909 till the assassination, Damascus protocol that the Arabs nationalist and this is the first document for the first time the Arabs put forth their total independence from the Ottoman Empire without Egypt it was with Britain, it was about security relations with the British and independence of the Arab State, so it was the First organization that called independent from the Ottoman State

and Later as result of Jamal basha and his policy they called for complete independence from the Ottoman State.

Great Britain became the main center for promoting the idea of the Jewish state and for promoting the famous dictum ( a land without a people to a people without land the roots of the movement go to the reformation especially the puritan movement in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries,

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