You are currently viewing The Walls of Jerusalem – Tour to know History of Jerusalem and its Walls

The Walls of Jerusalem – Tour to know History of Jerusalem and its Walls

Constructed by Sultan suleiman Most of the Current Walls we see today , they have been constructed during 1537 and 1541, it was very big project that took four years to accomplihs.

Walls of about 4000 Meters and Height is 12 Meters and thickness about 2.5 Meters, the Walls Contain 34 Watch Towers ( Famous Stork Tower for example).

The Watch Tower very important for Communication and Observing , The Stork Tower is called according to the Bird Stork that used to have nests there, and Also Stork is the biggest Land NGO there.

The gates consist of 8 Gates – 7 Are Open and One is Closed ( The Golden Gate), as we know many stories that the messiah will be out of there.

1981 Jordan Proposed for the UNESCO to be protected under UNECO juridstiction – Jerusalem (Site proposed by Jordan ) – the First Palestinian Site inscribed by Jordan is Jerusalem , First one by Palestians is Nativity Church.

It is in the Chalcolithic period or most probaby when jerusalem were started, it Had Walls Most likely but possibly around the David City – South of the Aqsa Mosque – the Wall is for Fortification .

Jerusalem was always under attack it always needed fortification because of the Attacks, if you look at the changing of the Stone – most likely ottomans built over the older stones from past periods.

Jerusalem at the Time of David it was very simple – It was a simple small city and he wanted to establish it to make it simple for the 12 tribes of Israel.

Even when solomon extended the City – the Temple area was included – It was up to the North Expanded to stay in the mountain – it was the only way available to expand and not going into the Valleys.

The Biggest enlargement was in the of the Assyrians – thousands of immigrants had to come down from the North to the South so jerusalem had to expand more to the north probably.

The Largest Credit to the Walls is the Hasmoneans – Hyrcanus ( 134-104 BC ) who imposed Judaism on the Idumeans and that is how herod became a jew by Religion.

When Herod Came he did not Change the City, it was ready from the hasmoneans – he built temple, hippodriume and Theater, he was trying to improve for the Jews to make him more acceptable to them.

Herod built a wall and that is the second wall, Josephus mention three Walls, According to Josephus – First Wall for the Upper City, Second Wall to the North protecting the Temple and the third wall to close protect the City.

Herod Agripa the First built another Wall the Third One we talked about to the North of the City, The Third wall is most likely in the Muslim Area the Muslim Quarter – Bezetha ( New City or House of Oil ).

in 2016 they found part of the Wall dated back to Herod Aggripa the First who improisened peter and killed James son of Zabady.

According to Josephus the third wall of Jerusalem began at hippicus Tower which is known today as the Tower of David and had 90 towers in All.

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