Tour Guide on Traveling to Hebron from Jerusalem

Tour Guide on Traveling to Hebron from Jerusalem

Tour Guide on Traveling to Hebron from Jerusalem

Hebron is one of the most significant cities in the Abrahamic religions, which include, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This city is where the remains of Abraham (Ibrahim), Isaac and Jacob are buried, and this is why it is a top destination for a lot of pilgrims annually.

This city is located in today Palestine, and it is dominated by both Palestine and Jews. Since Jerusalem is a top destination for a lot of pilgrims, it is not a surprise that a large number of people tend to travel from Jerusalem to Hebron from time to time. If you are a pilgrim or tourist in Jerusalem that would love to visit the city of Hebron for any reason, we have come up with a useful travel guide for you that should help in making things a lot easier for you.

How Far is Hebron from Jerusalem?

The city of Hebron is not that far from Jerusalem. As a matter of fact, there are only 29 kilometers between the two cities, and you can easily travel between the two cities by road. The estimated travel time between Jerusalem and Hebron by road is 35 minutes by road.

Traveling Arrangement?

If you want to visit Hebron from Jerusalem, there are two ways you can go about it, i.e. you can join a public transport system, or you can hire a private car to take you there. If you are going by public transportation, you would have to visit the bus station and book your ticket. After booking your ticket, you would join a bus along with other commuters who are headed towards that direction. If you can afford it, you can book a private car to convey you to Hebron from Jerusalem. It might be more expensive, but a private car would offer you some advantages which would enable you to enjoy the tour more.

Best Places to Visit in Hebron

Hebron is home to a lot of iconic sites, and this is the main reason why thousands of pilgrims come to this city annually. Once you are in this ancient city, these are some of the best places you must visit.

  1. Tomb of the Patriarchs: The Tomb of the Patriarchs is arguably one of the most significant and iconic sites in the Abrahamic religion, and it happens to be in Hebron. This site is where the tombs of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are located. It is regarded as a national treasure in Hebron, and it attracts thousands of pilgrims annually.
  2. Abu Salah: The Abu Salah is perhaps the most popular restaurant in Hebron, and it is a choice destination for a lot of pilgrims. At this restaurant, you would have access to a lot of juicy and delicious Palestine meals. This shawarma served here is also legendary for its amazing taste.
  3. Tel Rumeida: The Tel Rumeida is one of the most ancient parts of Hebron. It is widely regarded as the original part of Hebron that was mentioned in the Holy Bible. It boasts of fertile lands and green vegetation which makes it a great choice for Agriculture. It is peaceful and hospitable which makes it a great choice for pilgrims.

As pilgrims and tourists, you must remember that Hebron has both Jewish and Palestinian influence which could make it volatile sometimes. This is why you need to focus on why you are in the city and stay out of any religious or cultural topics. Have a great time touring the city.

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